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Light-bulbthe next weekly leaderboard......... someone now what can be?

by Cristina Mihaela - Jun 19, 2012 Star_s1,802 views

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12-em-plus add reply

is there not anywhere that you can get advance notice of next leaderboard task?


Being We've Had Just About Everything Else... I Wonder If It May Be Something Like Collecting and Opening Mystery Eggs?


We already had Livestock babies. Last was Gnomes, then Livestock Babies, then Water babies before that.


Well they did make it to where we can upgrade our pens more. So far on all of my farms that I've checked you can now upgrade the new animal pens past the 40/40 level. It takes 25 parts of each object for each upgrade. I guess could be feasible that they added this upgrade so we could do the next challenge as to add parts to buildings knowing that most of us had already upgraded our buildings to the max.


I don't think that growing livestock babies as new leaderboard, it was the past week... but we can see that 1st week was: harvest rainbow crops, 2nd: grow water babies, 3rd: grow mystery seedlings, 4th: grow livestock babies, 5th: harvest gnomes... maybe it will be: collect building parts, but it also could be: grow another mystery animal (like jade babies). If someone knows please, please post it!!


Some say it is going to be who collects and or adds most building parts to buildings

However they were wrong about this week. People assumed it was grow the most livestock babies but it turned out to be gnomes. So it could be livestock babies this week.


good question. have searched several sites, but cannot find anything :(, and it would be really nice to know in advance, like with the quests that some people pub. here, really great!

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