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Light-bulbPool Party Quest-Thursday june 21st

by Marley Wells - Jun 19, 2012 Star_s6,281 views

• Quests Time : 21st June, 2012 To 05th July, 2012 !
• Quests Are Applicable On All 6 Farms !

Quest 1 : Splash Into The Pool :
• Get 6 Water Noodles
• Harvest 50 Aloe Vera
• Harvest Pet Run Twice !

• 125 Xp
• Volleyball Pool
• 2500 Coins !


Quest 2 : Water Flight !
• Get 7 Squirt Guns
• Harvest 75 Peppers
• Make Farmhands Recipe x 1

Rewards :

• 150 Xp
• Cool Dog
• 3000 Coins !


Quest 3 : Dry Off !
• Get 8 Beach Towels
• Harvest 100 Rice
• Harvest Cool Dog Twice

Rewards :
• 175 Xp
• 3 Pack Of Turbo
• 3500 Coins


Quest 4 : What A Nice Day !
• Get 9 Sun Tan Lotions
• Harvest 150 Lilac
• Harvest Wildlife Habitat Twice

Rewards :
• 200 Xp
• Cool Tiger
• 4000 Coins


 Quest 5 : Crack Open A Cold One !

• Get 9 Soda
• Harvest 150 Soybeans
• Harvest Cool Dog To Achieve Level One Mastery.

Rewards :
• 225 Xp
• Cool Bear
• 4500 Coins

Quest 6 : Take The Plunge !                                                                                    

• Get 9 Swim Goggles
• Harvest 150 Sunflowers
• Make Fertilize All Recipe x 1

Rewards :
• 250 Xp
• Unwither
• 5000 Coins

Quest 7 : Dive Deep !
• Get 10 Snorkels
• Harvest 150 Cotton
• Harvest Cool Tiger Twice

Rewards :
• 275 Xp
• Cool Cow
• 5500 Coins


Quest 8 : Can You Kick It ? !
• Get 11 Kickboards
• Harvest 150 Mint
• Harvest Cool Cow Once

Rewards :
• 300 Xp
• Volleyball Tree
• 6000 Coins !

Quest 9 : Get This Party Started !
• Get 12 Inner Tubes
• Achieve Level 1 Mastery Of Cool Tiger
• Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Cool Cow.

Rewards :
• 325 Xp
• Mystery Game Dart
• 6500 Coins !

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12-em-plus add reply

Kate he goes in the Zoo

Marie you would have to contact Zynga


Can someone tell me what you do when your cool tiger all of a sudden disappeared I harvest it once now I can't find it and it says it's not available So what happen to it and what can I do to finish my quest It does this every so many quest I'm really getting tired of it they need to fix what ever problems they seem to have or quit adding farms that mess every thing up but please help me so I can finish this quest Thank you


can you put the cool tiger into any habitat enclosure? nothing I have seems to let me store it, and mastering it will be tricky if I have to wait for it to get ready to harvest on its own.


I used peppermint



what kind of mint,,,peppermint,mint candy for #8?


Fire peppers worked for me.


Quest 2 - Fire Peppers (12 hours) from the greenhouse worked for me


what type of peppers for #2??


if you do not get the popup then travel to another farm then the popup window asks you if you are willing to do the quest again. hope it is useful


aaaaaa, so that is why the replay screen doen't always show up. Thanks for the explanation :)


Yes she is talking about how sometimes its best to harvest crops last to make sure the replay screen comes up. Make sure you have the 12 tires first and that than try to do the last harvest of each on the same farm afterwards. Try not to have to leave the game when doing this. Anna is talking about, I think, somestime when people leave the "ask for 12 whatever" as the last thing they do, when they reload the game to see if they have the all 12 items and the replay screen does not show up. Someone was in here discussing that a month or so ago.


Why is it impossible because of step 9? You only have to master the animals once, that mastry counts for the second time you do the same quest too. And there where it says harvest twice, you just put the 2 animals in the same pen and harvest them. True that sometimes they do not let you do a quest twice, simply by not showing the popup


Is this quest repeatable? If so, it will be impossible to repeat it because of the step 9. Most people will lose it, because when you reload farm before finishing step 9, the final popup mostly doesnt show up.

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