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Question-whiteharvest animals faster

by Cherie Williams Hall - Jun 21, 2012 Star_s519 views

How can I get animals to harvest faster? Like the fishing horse that takes forever to harvest for quest,I have to master it,which requires 5 harvest,I can't finish this task because it takes so long to harvest!

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12-em-plus add reply

Daphne's way works if you have multiple paddocks however if you have a horse stable and you put some horses to the side to keep that are ready. Say you have put 6 horses next to your Stable and then you get a horse in a quest you need to master quick. Those horses should be ready to harvest as long as you didn't harvest they recently . You put the horse you need to quickly harvest in the Stable then put in one of your ready horses and it automatically goes to ready to harvest. You then take the ready horse out once harvested and put in another of the 6 horses you set aside and you are ready again to harvest you can do this over and over again until you are out of ready to harvest horses or until you have mastered the one you want. You can also do this with the cows in the Dairy barn.

Here is an example JIC: So say you have a Horse Stable that holds 25 horses. You have 23 horses in it and you add your Fishing Horse. Then since you've set aside 6 horses and they are ready to harvest you add one of them in it and harvest it. Now that you harvested it remove that horse and put in another of the 6 you set aside and its ready to harvest again.

This is one of the good perks of Having a Horse Stable if you kept it. If you have the English Farm and Kept the Horse Stable on it when they brought out the new pens then you are good to go with this. If you didn't get and english farm never put a horse stable on your home farm or got rid of them when we got the new pens then you can't do this.


In the paddock, cosz that only takes 1 day, but if you have more paddocks ready to harvest , you take the horse you have to master and put it inside a ready paddock. It will take 1 hour to harvest because it will go back to 96 % ready. If you have used the paddocks on 1 farm, you put the horse in storage and travel to 1 of your other farms, get it out and do the same routine etc, till you get the 5 harvests done. That's the only way I know to do it. Goes without saying that you can do this routine with all the animals. I found out that the duckpond stays ready to harvest, even after adding a new duck and I think the chickencoop works the same way.


The only way I know of harvesting faster is to pay to apply instant grow. If you place the horse in your paddock it will be ready to harvest faster than if you just leave it out on your farm. But you probably already know that. :)

I don't know any tricks to make the process any faster....:(

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