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Light-bulbGame Developer Works Too

by Howard Lehr - Jun 21, 2012 Star_s588 views

Do you folks who say you work so hard for your money work for free? I ask because I'm a game developer and if you all want to play games but don't want to pay, you're aksing my colleagues and me to work for free. If you like a game and spend hours being entertained by it, please remember that folks like me worked hard for months and months to creat that fun for you. A DOLLAR is too much to ask?!?! For hevan's sake, you probably pay $100 per month on your cable bill but can't give a game 1??

Games will lose quality and stop being made if everyone adopts your attitude.

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As a reminder, bashing will not be tolerated. Different people will have different opinions on matter. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the topic, whatever they may be. But please respect the thoughts and beliefs that others have on the subject.


I have bought many extra gold on GOT but am reluctant to spend any more at the moment because it simply does not work a lot of the time. Also, I spent a fortune on Social City (which I loved) just to have it pulled and don't want to be bitten again.


I surely dont mind paying for games & truely understand how you developers feel, but half the time they DONT WORK! When the glitches are gone, (GOT) and you can actually play the game for as long as you want, I will be happy to pay the price.


I know I just posted a couple hours ago, but I'd like to ask if games like Gardens of time and Hidden Chronicles, etc are going to load today? Seems I can get on one day and the next it wants me to figtht with it all day. Is this retaliation?


I play several games myself and am on a limited income for a disability. I use games cards when ford them, however I am unable to pay for every game I play (just to keep up). I do understand that game developers need to be paid, however there are those likke me who have to choose which games we can send even a token amount of money for the privilege of just catching up. Yes I did work hard for my money when I was able and would glady spend the money if I had it. I just can't afford every game I play all the time. I also agree with some of the othr players who find themselves with glitches as I have the same problems.


I play Pioneer Trail and Hidden Chronicles now. I quit playing Farmville because the game stopped being fun and I found myself spending hours and hours and at least $100.00 per month of my retirement income, which is a lot for me now, and the game just kept asking for more and more just to try to keep up. More and more needed items were requiring Farm Cash and I was no longer using my cash for extras; but to just try to keep up with missions/quests that were being released faster than I could even hope to keep up. That is aside from the problems that I encountered with glitches and bugs that seemed to be occurring more and more often. Now I see the same thing happening in Pioneer Trail. I still spend money every month, but I am getting less and less enjoyment and more and more headaches with bugs and other problems. Now they want me to pay an additional $20.00/month to be a VIP club member; but outside of the "status" of having that logo attached to my avatar and some extra XP, I get nothing in return.

You seem to have a very low opinion regarding the intelligence of most of your gamers when you talk about "free game play=you and your colleagues work for free. I, for one, am a retired Registered Nurse with a resume that includes more than 2 decades of ER and Critical Care experience in one of the leading Medical Centers in the world and personally worked with pioneers in Neonatology, Open Heart Surgery, Spinal Cord Injury, Hemaphoresis and Hospice. I say all that to let you know that I am not a mindless minion. I may be physically challenged now; but my mind is in no way impaired. The notion that the only money you get comes from gamers is insulting to my and other gamer’s intelligence. One has to work hard to avoid all the advertising that is paid to Facebook and to Zynga through special promotions that give little or nothing to gamers except some ad-laden graphic that shows you participated in the mission that advertiser paid for. You people get paid plenty for what you do, or you wouldn't be doing it. You entered into a contract with Facebook to produce games at no up-front cost to players; but you certainly get a share of the millions that Facebook makes from advertisers and other sources. If you don't feel you are being amply compensated for your work then go find another company to work for that will pay you what you believe you are worth; or better yet, start your own gaming/graphic design company....that is, of course, assuming that you live and work in America where those are choices everyone is free to make.


i dont play this game in particular but i am in agreement with most the posts-i am more than willing to pay for something that works right. i used to buy stuff for most the games i play on FB but stopped bcause the bugs make me lose that $ repeatedly n im tired of payin wut i work hard for to some1 who when i complain totally ignores me most the time n i am just out that $, since only 1 of them ever refunded anything n only 1 time did that happen! im a retail manager n if i treated my customers that way id b out of a job n noone would shop my store for not backin up what im sellin.


When you are right, you are right.

I am a FarmVille player so this post may need to be moved.

Sometimes I get annoyed at the tool not working properly for me, and the constant need for updating. But that is really not your fault. It is the target that keeps moving and that has to make things difficult for you.

I will go find that Donate Button.

Be of good cheer!


I allow myself $100 a month. I know the people that make these games possible work hard. It's not easy to keep these games updated and moving along for us to play. Anyone who complains about NOT spending money, needs to quit playing. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been playing games on the Internet for over 12 years. I'm fairly new to Facebook & Zynga and while the games have a specialness to then, I am slowly drifting back to Pogo where I pay 1 annual fee and have games that run. I've been a beta tester for them so I know how fussy they are before releasing a game. They aren't perfect but compared to the # of glitches I've encountered this week, they might as well be.
You feel we should be paying to play. Even though though I'm disabled & live on a very tight budget, I'd be happy to pay a small fee or a fee that covered all the games & came with perks.But before that, the games have to run consistently. I don't know who sets the schedule for the challenges, but I dare them to keep up without buying parts and without a close-knit group that helps.

Give me games that run smoothly & I'll pay. It's a two-way street.


I don't think you really don't get paid - noone is paid well enough for his work, no discussion about that, but looking at those loads of ads around, popping up in a rush, I think, there is money paid on a regular base... Sometimes I spend some money for my games, to get some tings a bit earlier and easier, but I don't have much money to spend, so I am glad enough to have the opportunity to play for free - although that means I have to read loads of ads about things I can't afford to buy.... I appreciate your work, I really do. You are all creative, in some really good way completely insane, you have divine graphicians.... and I would appreciate the ongoing opportunity to pay a little, once in a while, and pay for free most of the other time - otherwise I would be forced to quit playing, sorry about that.


As i read those comments below,Allan Attebery and Laura Baylor got all the pointers of 100 % the same on my thoughts,i dont know them,but we three have the same feelings about the question...

in addition to those they mentioned,if you say we just play for free,then what is reason why you allowed the games for free?...and if theres no people playing on your games,again, what is the meaning of your hard labor,even you set the games for free if we in Facebook dont catch your game,i think you will feel bad about it,you might think that no one pay attention on your so called sentiments..and if you wish to get amounts for your HARDWORK as you said ,you should"ve set the games as NOT FREE so we players cannot enter your games...

as you see in any way,i play Farmville since the game has built,i like it,but if i experience the loading problems ang bugs,i stop because im upset waiting and waiting many times to reload the games...who said we are playing for free?we pay for the internet and electric here,but that is not the issue,the issue here is about you are asking for us to pay,which we too are willing to do,but before you ask to us about paying,please make the concept accurate in all,needless to say such bugs etc etc,the tasks you gave us is not easy,even we have them completed,it dont count us as completed and that made us stress and angry....that"s why i seldom play Farmville now,

,WE CAN PAY IF YOU WISH,BUT PLEASE BE CAREFULL IN DELIVERING YOUR WORDS,if you have that sentiments,we too have SO MANY,needless to say it one by one...

lastly,I just wanna say THANK YOU ZYNGA for sharing us this games,the fun we have in this game is worthless,but we dont deserve those words from your HARDLABOR WORKERS like HOWARD LEHR...and WE ARE WILLING TO PAY BUT WE ARE NOT GOING TO PAY FOR THE WORKS THAT ARE NOT WORTHY...make it even so we can meet in between...



Even when you never pay for a free game, you're STILL helping the Facebook game developer. That's because you're helping make the game popular, posting game bonuses on your feed and requests to get your friends to play. Those friends, or perhaps those friends of friends will eventually pay for the game.

It's very expensive for the game developer to pay advertising to recruit even players who play for free (all the big game developers like EA and Zynga spend millions), but still they do it because the more popular a game, eventually the more paying gamers one will get.




@Jim Phillips

Sorry, but your logic is off. When playing a game on Facebook, playing it for free IS helping to pay for the game because the developer is making money from the ads that are displayed on the page. In such cases, playing a game without paying any money doesn't not mean someone isn't contributing to the payment of the game. They just aren't adding any additional money to the revenue above what the ads pay.

Furthermore, your logic fails to take into account that some game developers don't seem to care that their games are full of bugs and issues. If you downloaded a preview for a program that hardly worked correctly, kept crashing, and didn't provide you with what it was suppose to, would you buy that program? The same logic works in this case as well. If someone who is playing for free finds themself struggling with game issues that keep them from fully enjoying the game, why should they pay money towards it? If the game isn't worth any additional money, people aren't going to pay it. It's up to the developers to convince us that their product is worth spending our hard-earned money on.

Finally, your logic fails to take into account the business model of the game developers. In the case of Facebook games, the developers business model is to provide us with a free game and to include items we can purchase to enhance our gaming experience. But like I said above, it's up to the game developers to convince us that those items, and the game itself, is worth spending our money on it. If they aren't willing for people to play their games for free, then they shouldn't be releasing it on the Facebook platform. Instead, they can use Yahoo! Games or Big Fish Games or any of the many other platforms that are out there where people pay money in order to play games.


I have in the past spent money on games an easy way to get an item I really wanted . But I have now been unemployed for over a year now and can no longer afford it .
I am sure Howard that you are getting paid by the advertisers on your pages, Castleville makes that very clear.Of course I am not sure how much it is .
If you are upset with the lack of money you are receiving then may I suggest that you work for another company where you will receive the income you desire and maybe a health plan too.


It is the risk you run when you work for a company that develops social games based on microtransactions, perhaps you should seek out employment that pays better. Maybe a fast-food chain, at least then you are not working for free.

If you develop a game that I enjoy that is free of bugs and downtime, I am more inclined to spend money supporting the developers of that game. i.e. Kixeye

If you develop a game that is full of bugs I am not going to spend my money on it. i.e. Zynga


The game is not worth spending money if there are continuous bugs, problems, and lack of customer service. So, what it really comes right down to (even though the economy is tight), is it worth my time to spend cheap service at one place when I get better service at another game place? I earn my pts on games as the games lets you. Then I spend those pts.


Howard, I will give you a dollar...
But, Please correct your spelling first.


There is no free lunch. If you like it and use it, help pay for it. It's a simple concept. Even token amounts make a difference. There are no other points to be made here. Anything to the contrary is just not valid and you will lose the debate because logic is not with you. Note: I am not a game maker nor work anywhere in the industry.

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