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Light-bulbFrontier Talent - Help Humble Bob

by Tonya Collins - Jun 21, 2012 Star_s1,456 views

Humble Bob is back with a huge problem! It seems his act for the Country Fair is running behind schedule and it is up to you and the individuals of the homestead to fill in and help a talent show! All the acts are in a rush to get ready and its up to us to help

There will be 5 missions and 4 buildings stages that must be completed to get the show on the go!
It will all start as usual with a pop up and the area in the front corner of our homestead will now hold the talent show stage. Each section of the stage will guide you to setting up the acts. We will be earing some neat items, including a bear lure which can be
placed on your homestead and allow you to call forth a bear once a day, and a tonic maker that will allow us to craft tonics that enable us to be able to move debris for a 15 minute time spell!

 Needed Items: Adult Goats, adult cows, adult horses, adult oxen, adult sheep, sugar plums, habenjenos , flax, aloe vera, brocolli, blueberries, peach trees, spice bushes, wildflowers.



Stage 1: Bear Training! - Build the permanent Bear Lure
2 bear lure plans (crafted)
3 female bear decoys (requested)
2 smoked trout (crafted)
8 hunks of cheddar (tend adult goats)
8 jars of honey (from sugar plums)
1 talent show flyer - (reward for misison 1)
** To craft each bear lure plan you will need 4 sturdy picnic baskets (requested), and 4 tasty peaches (peach trees)
**Each smoked trout requires 4 large trout (requested) and 3 fish seasoning (found tending spice bushes)

Stage II. - Monekey Around - Set Up Amos Act
15 brew bottles (requested)
12 red habanjeros (tend habanjeros)
5 bunyan brews (crafted)
8 essence of bunyan (requested)
15 monkey proof lids (requested)
1 Granny's whip (reward from mission 2
**To craft each bunyan brew you will need 4 pecular potions (requested) and 3 horn extracts (adult cows)

Stage III - Rhinstone Cowgirl - Set up Bess' Act
20 sparkly hats (requested)
6 frontier gloves - (crafted)
10 fancy lassos (crafted)
20 sparkling spurs (tend non rideable horses)
15 pinches of glitter (request)
1 bunyan brew case - reward from mission 3
**Each frontier glove requires 2 frontier leather (adult oxen) 3 strong stitching (requested) and 6 tanning oil (requested)
**Each Fancy Lasso requires 3 red ribbons (requested), and 2 sparking ropes (flax)

Stage IV - Handy Man! - Learn to Craft Tough Hand Tonic!
15 massage IOU's (requested)
12 frontier gloves (crafted)
6 tough hand plans (crafted)
20 massage pillows (requested)
20 alow ointment (found tending aloe)
1 dancing outfit (reward from mission 4)
**Each frontier glove requires 2 frontier leather (adult oxen), 3 strong stitching (requested) and 6 tanning oil (requested)
**Each Tough hand plan requires 6 tough sand paper (neighbor's pines) , 9 iron shavings (requested), and 5 toughening ointment


I. Frontier Talent
Tend 15 Adult Sheep
Visit 4 neighbors
Click the Country Fair and check Talent Show
Rewards: 300 XP, 300 Coins, Talent Show Flyer

II. Bear Taming
clear 12 wildflowers
Harvest 40 Brocolli
Craft a Bear (stage I)
Rewards: Floppy Fair Hare, Bear Lure, Granny's Whip

III. Monkeying Around
Tend Floppy Fair Hares 15 Times
Craft 4 Granny Gut Punches
Help Amos Create a Bunyan Brew (stage II)
Rewards: 1000 XP, Dancing Monkey, Bunyan Brew Crate
**Gut Punch requires 5 iced tea and 5 granny # 5's (requested or gifted)

IV. Rhinestone Cowgirl
Tend Dancing Moneys 10 Times (mission 3 reward)
Tend 50 Peppermint
Create a Dazzling Outfit (stage 3)
Rewards: 1500 XP, 1500 Coins, 1 Dazzling Outfit

V. Handy Man
Harvest 80 Blueberries
Clear 30 Neighbor's Thorns or Cacti
Give Hank a Massage (stage 4)
Rewards: 2500 XP, 3 Tough Hand Tonics, Tough Hand Mixer

The Tough Hand Mixer will allow you to craft tough tonics, each tonic will require 6 tough sand from neighbor's pines, 8 iron 
shavings , requested, and 5 toughening ointment , requested. Once used the tonic will allow you to move debris for 15 minutes.

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