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Light-bulbThe general consensus on fast CP(command points)

by Ron Deion Revilla - Jun 23, 2012 Star_s7,039 views

As i didn't see this guide posted here on this forum, and thought it might be helpful to some of you, here is the way most people perform what is known as "cp farming"

Basically, whenever you land a critical strike in battle, you have a chance to earn a command point.
This chance goes up according to the difficulty level battle (percentages vary according to your own level, if the level is premium or not, and other factors. these are the regular ones)
1% in regular threat fights
10% on mini-boss fights
25% on boss fights
35% on epic boss fights

So why does this make it easier?
Because you can farm a single epic boss for one command point, lose then battle (on purpose), then re-do it for another command point.
It allows you to get that one command point guarenteed without having to use up all your energy in the previous threats and bosses throughout the mission.

So how exactly do i farm this?
In certain missions, there are certain heroes you can deploy (spiderman, storm, black cat, wolverine, doctor strange, etc.) in order to complete every single deploy and battle on a map to unlock the hidden epic boss.

go to chapter 2-3 and, with black cat and a scrapper, finish every single deploy and battle to unlock the battle against elektra.
Use a weapon with a very high critical rate (perferrably very low damage though,) or simply multiple attacks with a decent critrate (the batstone minigun for example) and basically just fight until you get a command point.
(*to make this really easy, daredevil who teams up with you for free can just use radar sense's accuracy boost to hit 4 crits during a turn on elektra. you can just heal your team while having daredevil get that CP for you)

Lose the battle.
Keep recharging your stamina until you die, which is easy to do in this one, as the 5 bleeding stacks will take out 80-100 of your hp per turn, depending on your agent level.

Sounds repetitive and takes a lot of time
It is. I won't lie. BUT it's a 1 : 10 CP/energy ratio that's 100% guarenteed. if you finish a mission (with the epic boss) normally you have around a 3.5% chance to get 15 command points, from roulette, and 1/10to the seventh power % chance to get 7 from the threats that you do.
and even THEN, i think there's a max to how much cp can be dropped anyway, though people have claimed to have a lot drop in one mission.

This is the most effecient way to gain CP.

Last minute things:

Heroes good for cp farming:
iron fist (high crit on 2nd skill)
black cat(first skill, high crit rate low damage)
human torch (skill with many hits)
war machine(high crit, though does a lot of damage, so you may want to be careful.)

Low level cp farming weapons:
batstone minigune
S.A. Ambush

hope this helps you guys!

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