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Question-whiteproblem with wedding event...

by Peggy Noel - Jun 01, 2010 Star_s208 views

Is anyone having problems with their wedding event not adding items on the meter? Mine has not registered even one of them and I must have put in twenty by now .

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Please visit the Tuscan Wedding Event Information thread for more information on and to discuss the Tuscan Wedding Event.


I have over 100 items and none of them show on the meter and I can't redeem any of them


i have loads of each item but i cant trade any of them it won't let me click on the trade button


All the gifts I receive are added to the tent, BUT only a very small percentage of what I harvest is added. :-(


I am having same problem after i cancelled my first favor request all diappeared so sad


Click to Look Inside your tent...Click the bottom you'll see the ingredients. They'll show a number out of 4 ie. mine is truffles 10/4..milk 4/4..eggs 4/4..olives 2/4. You need all of them to be at least 4/4 to "Trade In (5 Favor)". When you trade them for the 5 Favor you'll get to post an ingredient to the wall and your tent will show "5 Favor" when you mouse over it . You will get 5 Favor every time you trade in a collection of 16 ingredients.


Yes! I am hacving the same issue!!!!


I have the same problem: the tent is always empty and I've collected more than 100 items...

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