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Question-whiteLevel 23 is hard.

by Armida Adeyemi - Jun 29, 2012 Star_s760,365 views

I need help getting through Level 23 of Candy Crush Saga. On one attempt, I was ONE BLOCK SHORT of winning. Can I get some tips?

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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I have tried to replay level 23, I passed it when I managed to get really many striped candies placed right, but that felt more like luck than skill. Here is a video clip to help you. =) 



Classic example why sometimes combo shouldn't be used immediately after you created it.

This level consist of barriers, then appearance of jellies which you need to clear a total of 3 times.

Bring out the barriers fast, with white jellies appearing, u need to hit them twice again.
At times, if normal moves allows your to clear the obstacles and hit most jellies at least once, save the big combo you have for the last.

With all 5 colours available, sometimes this is a real headache when you are left with quite a few jellies with all different coloured candies side by side.

Sometimes a readthrough of the generic strategies will help you more, than watching my video, which is only applicable to this particular level.


Hi! here a very well How to vid for level 23!.. It actually explains you how to do level 23 ..(with guidance) GOOD luck!:D

(bigger screen)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaKqRpeMktM



There is a Google Chrome extension you can enable called Candy Crush Cracker that adds a button to the game, that when clicked will automatically beat any level for you. You could use that to get past this level.

You can enable the extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/candy-crush-cracker/bgennlofmbkobjldjlnijimhiohpahop



He Armida, For me it worked very well to follow the tips described on this webpage:

Good luck!


For me, my problem is the time issue. I can have 2 or 3 jellies left and the damn thing will say give up. I refuse to pay 99 cents or anything for anything. How can win after being stuck on level 23 for like 3 weeks😡


I followed the tips described here http://readygamer.com/candy-crush-level-23-tips/ and basically focused on trying to make striped candies to take out the columns without having to make individual moves to take each piece of frost.

At first I made matches in between columns to bring more candies down and line up my 4 candy matches to make the horizontal striped candies.


I understand your agony. I was able to get past this level when I read the post below. It gave a detailed information, how to finish this level. http://gamersunite.coolchaser.com/topics/95468-candy-crush-saga-level-23-is-hard?from_levels


How did you get pass level 20 to 21? I have beat 29 10 times and it will not let me go any further?


How did you get pass level 29 to 21? I have beat 29 10 times and it will not let me go any further?


try to move away the blocks in the right side


Try crushing a few stone blocks on the right asap


Yeah, same here. This is a rip off they want you to PAY for the extra game pieces.

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