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Light-bulbVery helpful link to get needed items in pioneer trail, along with instructions.

by Tyler Willis Atkinson - Jul 01, 2012 Star_s1,983 views

ok so this is the link, and i promise it is safe and works, i use it everyday:

now here are the steps:

1. log in to the site like it asks you to do to get bonuses.

2. once logged in, select the item you want, for example food wood or experience.

3. Where it asks how many you want of this gift, change the number 1 to the number 3 on the small drop down arrow.

4. Click find a gift.

5. Once the 3 links come up, click all 3, and wait on all 3 until the orange arrow in the top right hand corner says skip this ad.

6. skip all the ads and then it will take you back to facebook, and will ask if you want to accept this reward from any of your friends, and accept all 3 rewards.

Note: You can use these bonuses, but they do go towards the 50 bonus limit. Also, after you collect these bonuses, you must wait 24 hours to use it again, for example if you use it at noon, you need to wait to get that item again at noon the next day.

If you guys have any questions message me on facebook at this link:

Hope i helped alot of you players!

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12-em-plus add reply

Doesn't work for me. I downloaded it, logged in and the items are there. There is no drop down arrow for the 3 gifts, and when I click on anything and click on find gift, nothing happens. SO I downloaded this for nothing


you do know this thing steals your neighbours uid...which means the person you collect from cant post for the items they far as i am aware


I'll be damn.. This thing really works !! :D This is just fantastic ! Wow

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