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Question-whiteEternal Isles 13 Level 5.

by Darla McCay Evans - Jul 05, 2012 Star_s3,101 views

I can make the balls collapse and fall, but my score is no where nearly high enough, even using webbing. Who's passed this one and how?

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I didn't need to buy any charms to finish this level I do have the gold spiders which helped me out. Stay on the right side and pop the question mark balls but try to leave as many of the spiders as you can. It took about 20 tries.


To Darla... / Well after my lengthy POST - I haven't stopped playing Bubble Witch & low & behold if I just didn't accomplish that level !! I did have all the extra spiders one could have, but I didn't even make it to the NETS. So it can obviously be done... even without the netting. You've got to focus on the right-hand. That's the key. (at least to me it was) Too many bombs on the left side.

Good luck!


I'm stuck on the same level, Darla. I used to play Bubble Witch non-stop, but now it's a MONEY PIT. I'm also on level 165 or 166 going under the ocean, and it's HORRENDOUS! There are now 3 parts/levels to the first level. GAWD, it was hard enough getting through one step per level, but now they add 2 more steps to the levels. And guess what? After you've played and played, they offer you a way past the Dark forces, but it' costs real money! It's all about money now... so I've lost my spark for the game. Good luck to you though...


9 green spiders was enough for one star for me...  Youtube link


Darla, I have just done it!!!!! The only possible way, is to use the magic potions. You need to have the "Golden Spiders" and "Extra Celing Holes". Also you need to ensure that you cover your pots. I finally managed it by hitting one side of the question marks (Which allowed me to hit one set of bubbles which made another hole in the ceiling) hope that makes sense!! If it helps, level 6 is a breeze and I finished it the first time with two stars!!! GOOD LUCK XXXXXX


Hip Chick, I didn't know there was an unlimited lives cheat. If there is and you find the link, I would LOVE to know it though. Thanks for the tips Kerry. I still haven't beaten it, but feel better at least knowing it CAN be done!


I've tried this like 100 times and still cant do it!! Does any have the link for the un-limited lives cheat at all please?


Hi Darla, I've just done it. After quite a few attempts, the secret for me was getting 2 green spiders right at the end, before the final drop. I also used the extra gold spiders and 3 spaces at the top potions, oh and the charm of netting! Good Luck!

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