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Question-whiteLevel 97 HELP

by Yvonne Eisen - Jul 05, 2012 Star_s14,315 views

On level 97, it says 25 moves. I get to maybe 17 moves left and then it says "You failed to remove (something like that) all the bombs before the counter reached zero." How can that be? How do I pass this level?

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12-em-plus add reply

Get rid of the bombs in the same way as any jelly. If you let them get to zero the game ends regardless of how many moves you have left. You also have to score 100 000. It's a tough one requiring speed .


Well I still do not understand level 97. I don't get all of my moves and I don't understand what the bombs do. Do I need to try to get rid of them or what?


Yvonne..could you explain to me, please..I don't get it. What counter are they talking about?


Never mid my question on level 97. I did not understand it at first, I do now. DUH!!!

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