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Light-bulbJust now it is not fun at all!!!

by Ragna Hummel - Jul 07, 2012 Star_s214 views

Games should be fun but just now the HC is just not fun at all. All the things are back on 0 and when i try to place some presents by my friends this women turns up and tells me that there is a problem i have to restart the game.

If the problems are because of all the things we HAVE to place so let us sell more of those things we don't want. Everthing just takes a lot of space and if they have problems whith it so do something instead of forcing us to place stuff all the time and ask the hole world for help.

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12-em-plus add reply

I Agree! Games should be fun & not frustrating!
Hidden Chronicles really sucks when it comes to playing.
Everything is still slow. Pages are loading minutes long & I already cleaned my laptop, but HC keeps having troubles!!!


if this is still a problem, have you tried clearing out your browsers cache and restarting?

Otherwise I would suggest opening a ticket with the game support group.

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