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Light-bulbStuck on Level 46....

by Danielle Quartermaine Thompson - Jul 09, 2012 Star_s2,325 views

I have been stuck on level 46 for a couple of weeks... any ideas how to get passed this one!! Am ready to give up!!!

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Catherine, You will be a STAR PLAYER when you get the Boosters to work if you have managed this far without any!!!

You need to tic the boxes to activate the boosters in Pyramid Solitaire Saga! 


You don't need anything to get through level 46 just perseverance. I have no clue how to use the boosters so have managed to get to level 47 without them. Can anyone tell me how one actually uses the boosters? You create them then there is no way to activate them in your game or am I missing something?


Well... No Charms are Needed indeed. :) I used the Boosters for 5 extra cards and the multiplier Booster to pass Level 46 and yes, I catched it on video(link below), so here you are, some luck involved, but that is at least for free. I got 3 Stars on this one and 1 is all you need, so having a bit less luck shouldn't be all fatal. :)


OMG! I am there now and realized that the video walkthrough just sucks, it uses the shuffle Charm and it costs like a zillion FB credits!!! At least I now (after playing level 46 a few times) remember the golden card hidden in the middle bottomn at round two. If I am capable of, I will certainly make a better video for level 46, but it can take ages before I manage pulling that off, LOLs. 


I ain't there yet by myself, so I rely on this source for Level 46

Use the Extra joker Booster and the Multiplier Booster.

Try to plan ahead before hitting the Golden Card at the first round, so that you will get a big chain of cards to fit for more scores. Use a Joker to get a long chain after hitting the golden card.

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