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Light-bulb45 free green Jewels

by Mainewil Peetra - Jul 11, 2012 Star_s3,053 views

Green JewelDepending on how you have collected earlier this week here

is up to 60 free green Jewels for Pyramid Solitaire Saga,

45 of them are freshly posted within 24 hours and will take 15 clicks to collect. :) 

It isn't really a certain thing, but the free jewels seems to be valid 7 days. 

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New Green jewels straight from the jewelry added! Cool


Green Jewels updated. :)


ALL FRESH NEW Green jewels have been added, use the same link. :D


The greenies are updated just a few hours ago, more valid greenies at once then ever before, enjoy! Cool


The free Green Jewel section cleared out, so there are no old links left. There are altogether 72 valid  free green jewels at this moment, witch of 15 newest are added just a few minutes ago.

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