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Question-whitehelp need to know about the bonuses

by Jacqui O'Regan - Jul 14, 2012 Star_s5,517 views

what does the candy and the hand do in the top right corner.stuck on level70 and thought they may help me??

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12-em-plus add reply

If I remember correctly, the pink lollipop will break one candy for you. I think the pink bag will shuffle all of the pieces - I haven't used it yet, on purpose, but it seems to happen automatically when you run out of moves. I think that's a new feature because so many players were complaining about losing a life when there are no more moves possible. It appears that the jelly hand will let you swap any two candies with each other, under any circumstances (usually you can only swap them if at least one makes a 3-in-a-row, 4-in-a-row, etc). Whether or not these help you with level 70 is up to you. Here are some tips for playing level 70:

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