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Light-bulbTips On how to earn cash in the Ville

by Albar Wahab - Jul 14, 2012 Star_s7,479 views

Most of you Might know this but some of you may not

The System in the Ville is pretty different from other games. After Level Up you might or may not get cash. It Depends on the level up spin to give you cash or not. 

There are moer ways to earn cash beside that . You could share a Level up Spin with your friends or get one from your friends and get a chance to get +1 Ville Cash


Also In Your Game , You See A Fertilizer sack at the top left. You have to open it daily for five days and then you will get +1 Ville Cash . You can Continue Doing this Again and again


When You are a starter , and new to the game , you reach a certain quest which requires you to accept cash from her. This Gives you +2 Ville cash

That's It Folks!

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