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Question-whiteCan we get the snag bar items updated more regularly, please!

by Jude Skillender - Jul 15, 2012 Star_s70 views

Any chance we can get the snag bar updated more regularly? I click on "report item as snaggable" all the time. Anything else I can do to help get items added more quickly? Its very frustrating not being able to help friends with quest items because they aren't added to the snag bar.

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12-em-plus add reply

ok I read this, and just had to laugh. Albeit I use the snagbar (for water and feed only), I only have one comment...

How about actually clicking on the persons feed requset to help them (nothing is preventing you from doing this to help those in need)? Just a thought LOL. GEEZ


Another quest, another update required...please???


Thanks Jude. I am currently working on it. The update page has been so slowwwwww. I have been on here about an hour and have added about 5 things. But I will keep at it. Please keep reporting stuff. I see you just sent a new tree which I am adding. I have a few more things to add and then I will publish the updates.


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