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Question-whitestuck on level 16

by Vikki Pattinson - Jul 18, 2012 Star_s413 views

does anyone have any tips or cheats to complete level 16?

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12-em-plus add reply

You can use a joker to help you get the run since all cards in your runs before & after count towards it. Think of the joker kind of like the plus sign. So if u have a run of say 8 cards look at the cards you have left on the board. Since u need a run of 12 cards to finish the level look to see if u can see a run of at least 4 cards (this would be a new run, not one connected to the 8 card one you just had). If so, click the joker then click the run of 4. You now would have a run of 12 cards!

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