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Light-bulbGuide to Where you can find items for crafting and cooking

by Albar Wahab - Jul 18, 2012 Star_s9,987 views

Lets Began

Butter - In Refrigerator

Milk - In Refrigerator

Cheese - In Refrigerator

Blueberries - In your Garden (Plot)

Corn - In your Garden (Plot)

Tomatoes - In your Garden (Plot)

Potatoes - In your Garden (Plot)

Peppers - In your Garden (Plot)

Carrots - In your Garden (Plot)

Herbs - In your Garden (Plot)

Knowledge - Found when you finish a Certain Job 

Flour - Found In cabinets

Chocolate - Found In cabinets

Honey comb - Find while tending flowers

Cherry - Grows on trees

Orange - Grows on trees

Lemon - Grows on trees

Sugar - Found when you utilize all the 5 energy on your neighbor's ville

Monarch - Found when Catching butterfly In your Lawn ( Can also be asked from friends)

Blue Morpho - Found when Catching butterfly In your Lawn ( Can also be asked from friends)

Tiger swallowtail - Found when catching butterfly on your neighbors lawn

Screw Drivers - Ask from friends or repair broken items to get these

Joy - Ask From your friends

Towel - Found while working out

Rose - Cut this from a rose flower

Iris - Cut this from an Iris flower

Tulip - Cut this from a tulip flower

Chrysanthemum - Cut this from a Chrysanthemum flower

Satisfaction - Found when requirement by the your avatar is fulfilled for example sleep , use toilet

Hugs - Found while socializing with neighbors

Signature - Found when you visit neighbors and interact with items (also can be asked)

Four-Leaf Clover - Found while tending the lawn

Rythm - found After Enjoing the music

Soap - Found after talking a shower or cleaning

Favors - Found When you level up a relationship with your neighbors

Big Dreams - Found after taking a nap

Zen - found while gardening

Ribbon - Ask this from your friends

Pineapple - Found in Refrigerator or Ask this from your friends

Measuring Tape - Ask this from your friends

Egg - Found in Refrigerator or Ask this from your friends 

Joy - Ask this from your friends

Please let me know if i am missing something. Thank you

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please add me


I'll be your neighbor so that I can send you what you need. I will friend you~


thank you I need screws screwdrivers and neighbors


How do you get a magazine??? I need it to research fashion?? Please help me!!


And Satisfaction,found only when you go to the toilet when you need.Used to build Floating Candle.


Also...I even get a Favor for visting neighbor almost everyday.But...what is used for?I know it is used to buy first room,but what for the others?


Thamks for posting this,but you said twice Joy XD


I have been getting Dice and Good Luck Charms through the Ville on Zynga. It says they are used for prizes but how do you do that. I have the maximum of 15 of both but don't get a message saying I have too many.

I would also like to know how to get hammers.


I need some new friends who plays The Ville!


hello, I need the ville friends :) please request me!!! [email protected] Thanks


The easier way to get Premium Tiger Lily seeds is to buy a mulcher and mulch your flowers. They still kind of a while to get. I had to mulch about 50 flowers before I got the 8 seeds I needed.


still looking for premium tiger lily seeds? where can I find them??


Hi, I just visited a neigbour and lifted the heavy weights and got a towel


i need joy :3


hello where can i get the cookbook?


You forgot where you can get a candle!


Hi I play the ville on zynga )vs) facebook. you can add friends from there and they don't become your fbook friends. I have had a much more enjoyable experience playing on zynga. just go to and search the ville. I hated the fact that you had to ask people for stuff that were not playing the game. At least here we know they are playing because zynga made the game. It still interacts with the ville on facebook but you get alot more friends that play.



what is the soap used for?


is there any other way to get neighbors besides your friends? or like how can you get more. an i need pajamas to build the washer how can i get them without asking neighbors

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