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Light-bulbSnagbar Farmville options

by David McCarthy - Jul 19, 2012 Star_s432 views

What this snag bar really needs and especially for Farmville is an option to only show the items that are unticked so they can be found easier when we need to tick them again considering how many items Farmville has now.

That list is getting to the point of being almost endless and really is quite annoying going through it to find the stuff i have unticked heh

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12-em-plus add reply

Hey David, we finally released the search box :) It's not the most perfect, but hope it's still useful!


You can always put hidden items into another tab.


you are most welcome :D at least some sites listen to ideas ;) now for my next achievement and get Zynga to listen HAHA


Yes, adding a search box is exactly what we were thinking too :) That might solve some of the problem. Thanks again for your feedback!


Well ok it was a suggestion for my own needs :D it's still a good one but what about a search function? to highlight what people are looking for in that rather extensive list, i know there is one built into every browser as not everyone knows how to use it and if its not hitting them in the face they are not likely to find it heh.
Just throwing ideas your way that could help improve the user experience by a few degrees the alternative would be to restructure that list but that looks like it would be to no improvement than what is already there considering it is already as simple as it could be to understand.
Makes you wonder if the Farmville 2 list will get that big once it starts its updates roll out lol.


Thanks for your suggestion! I agree that the list is getting so long, we almost feel like filing a Farmville bankrupcy. :D But showing only unticked will be problematic if you want to untick something that is already ticked, don't you think?


Will pass this on!

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