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Light-bulbCrafting the Floating Candle (Please Help)

by Elizabeth Gibbs - Jul 25, 2012 Star_s1,008 views

I want to know what I need to do to craft the floating candle. The little pop up on the side that tells you when you get something how much you need left to finish a collection or craft let me know I have enought to craft the floating candle but I'd like to know how I do that. Do I need to have a special object to make on?

I have the Crafty Workbench but it doesn't give me the option to craft the floating candle only the the candle and 2 extracts!

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. Why would i want several freaking work benches thats crazy!


The blue workbench is where you get the things together that you need to create the candles...the green workbench is where you make the candles. Double click the green workbench, then find floating candle, under the pic of it you will see the bar that says that and your on your way :)

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