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Question-whiteLives from friends ??????? PLEASE HELP

by Vanessa Aniceto - Jul 27, 2012 Star_s13,337 views

When I enter the game I immediately receive the lives from my friends, but as I already have 5 lives they haren´t added to the total. After I lose the 5 lives, the ones sent from friends don´t appear anywhere. Where are they ?? How can I get them ?? And if I can´t get them, then where´s the point in asking friends for lives if they are useless ????? When I´m playing my friends from across the world are sleeping and vice versa. This way we can never usufruct the lives sent to each others.

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12-em-plus add reply

I've tried just closing the window but when my lives are gone the gifts aren't there when I refresh. I'm playing through facebook not on a phone.


on my phone (android) i just enter the game and close the messages menu until i run out of lives, then go into my messages and select my lives one by one


Just use this if you run out of lives!
it's just changing your settings on your Idevice.. So you don't need to download or whatever..



Me too....Someone told me to enter the game without checking friends lives and then when you finish your 5 press on friends and starts counting but I did it and it didn't work...if you find out please let me know...


Thanks to Theresa Rushing Jones who gave the solution for the lost lives from friends:

"I was having the same problem and I discovered that if I don't accept the lives when I first log in to the game, they are still there. Once I use up the "game lives", I refresh the game page and I can accept the lives. I only accept 5 at a time and close the windows on the other gifts."


I too cannot find where to get the lives my friends send me. Can anyone help please :)

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