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Light-bulbBuilding Tier 8 Units

by Alejandro Retana - Jul 30, 2012 Star_s14,742 views

You will need:

*The Espionage HQ
*Cheat Engine,get it here: http://www.cheatengine.org/

1. On the Espionage HQ select the 'units tier 7-8' spy,click on 'equip' spy,click on 'finish' then click on 'send':

2.Visit a neighbor,and clone a tier 8 unit,in this example I'm using the Crave Mk III (UC28):

3.Go back to your empire

4.Open the inventory and select a unit tier 7-8 (I will use a Voodoo Gunship code UB62),click on it as if you were to place it,but DO NOT place it yet

5.Open Cheat Engine,find the process your web browser is using ('chrome.exe' for Chrome,'plugin container' for firefox),change 'value type' to 'text' (string) and scan for the code of the unit you're placing (UB62):

6.Change the Voodoo Gunship code (UB62) to the one of the Crave Mk III (UC28):

7.Now place the unit on a depot,reload and that's it:


*Super Sharman Battleship MkIII_+1360_UW14
*Super Sygnus Carrier_+1340_UU86
*Super Alpha Tiger Carrier_+1100_UT85
*Super Arnold K90 Submarine_+940_UT84
*Super AlvinE36 Submarine_+950_UT80
*Super DuneP9 Copter_+980_UB79
*Super Atlas D3 Carrier_+990_UT76
*Super Altovar Battleship_+950_UT75
*Super Varun UUV2 Submarine_+930_UT69
*Super soldier_+1200_UN28
*SpecOps Roger M77 Artillery III_+1100_UN45
*SpecOps Trojan Infantry III_+1100_UN42
*SpecOps Piranha Battleship_+1100_UT77
*SpecOps Lynna Copter III_+1100_UC09
*SpecOps PierceC3 fighter III_+1100_UC06
*SpecOps Franklin B2 Battleship III_+1100_UU16
*SpecOps Sea Hive Carrier III_+1200_UU01
*SpecOps Wombat Tank III_+1200_UN19
*SpecOps Ankit UUV Patrol mk III_+1200_UU53
*SpecOps Grimm D7 Carrier mk III_+1200_UU59
*SpecOps Mermaid Assault_+1300_UU80
*SpecOps Anubis Infantry mk III_+1200_UN71
*Specops Behemoth Artillery mk III_+1200_UN78
*SpecOps Dragon Infantry_+1300_UN87
*SpecOps Djinn fighter III_+1300_UC71
*SpecOps Midnight Bomber_+1300_UC81
*SpecOps Armen Copter mk III_+1200_UC27
*SpecOps Racoon Copter mk III_+1200_UC60
*SpecOps Platana Battleship mk III_+1300_UU65
*SpecOps Razor Artillery_+1340_UO07
*SpecOps Shan T-20 Copter_+1350_UD06
*SpecOps UAV Drone_+1360_UD18
*SpecOps Krestal Fighter_+1350_UD07
*SpecOps Razor Fighter_+1350_UC94
*SpecOps Sleeper Artillery_+1360_UO37
*SpecOps Whirpool Submarine_+1350_UU95
*Lightning StrikerUIV II Infantry_+1370_UO25
*Lightning Krueger Infantry_+1350_UO10
*Lightning Raclon Carrier_+1100_UU99
*Elite Oton Battleship mk IV_+1350_UU72
*Potter tank_+1250_UN60
*The Crave Mk III_+1240_UC28
*Lucky Shot Snake_+1350_UN99
*The Bird Decimator_+2500_UN98
*Advanced Mountain Fighter_+2500_UN96
*The bird Killer_+1310_UN97
*Sign Bomber mk III_+1350_UC63
*Raclon Carrier_+1220_UU83
*Atler Fighter_+1380_UC78
*Xcraft Copter_+1340_UC91
*Transformer Fighter_+1100_UD22
*Vetral Copter_+1170_UD08
*Kriple Infantry_+1110_UO40
*Transformer Tank_+1360_UO41
*Blazing Hyena Tank_+1350_UO21
*Transformer Gunboat_+1440_UW11
*Rave C43 Copter_+1250_UD27,UD28,UD29,UD30

You can't use this trick to get Vertex or Crimson Hand units

NOTE: for those of you still having problems finding the right chrome/firefox process,there's a way of doing this cheat without using Cheat Engine at all:

1.clone the unit you want
2.place it on a fight
3.pause the fight,and leave it that way
4.after 24 hours the unit will appear in your inventory
5.now finish the fight and start all over again

Also read:

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Sending Nukes Using Cheat Engine

And I want to give a big thank you to George Roberts and Noli Yabut

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12-em-plus add reply

@Mohammad Awad, it means you have to replace the code before placing the unit on your depot


@ Aljendro plz what u mean by

4.Open the inventory and select a unit tier 7-8 (I will use a Voodoo Gunship code UB62),<<<click on it as if you were to place it,but DO NOT place it yet>>>>


@Imkong Akum, @Jericho Yaplito, yes,it is still working, but it is easier getting units using the warzone hack

@Zak Menezes, the unit you get using this procedure is added to your inventory,after refreshing the game you will have the unit you cloned and the unit you used to replace the code (you will have both the mark III and the voodoo gunship),by the way,I already know about finding the right process using the process id found in the task manager,but I find easier to just scan for a text string that I know has to be there (mana03),in my case it is usually found on one of the last 3 processes


can anyone please tell me if this works? pls.. i really want spec ops units...


Question: I have not tried this but having read the instructions I have a question - Is this really a procedure to replace one Tier 7/8 unit with another? So in your example above do I end up getting a new Crave Mk III in addition to everything I already have or do I replace an existing Voodoo Gunship in my inventory with a Crave Mk III?

Also a comment: you had mentioned the difficulty of finding the right process in chrome. With some experimentation I have found a foolproof process to find the right process for a hack in Chrome. If you look at the process list for selection in cheat engine you see entries like 0000082B-chrome.exe. But there are many entries for chrome and the challenge is finding the right one. To do this in chrome you select the menu (on the top right), select "Tools" and then "Task Manager". (don't confuse this with the windows task manager, I am talking about the chrome task manager).
In the Chrome task manager you will see a number of chrome tasks with some additional info. Somewhere on the list of tasks if you right click you will get a list of attributes some of which are ticked and some which are not. Select the attribute "Process ID" which will not be ticked initially. Now you will see Process ID as one of the columns in the list of processes. On the process list find the entry for "Plug-in: Shockwave Flash". Then note the process id.
Next go to google and search for a "decimal to hexadecimal convertor". Just pick any, it does not matter which. I happened to use http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html. Type in the process id you found earlier as decimal and it will give you a hexadecimal number for it. For example 4444 will turn into 115C.
Go back to cheat engine and look at the process list again. It will have one chrome process corresponding to the hex process id you found above. So for my example there will be a process 0000115C-chrome.exe. That will definitely be the process you need for hacing a flash game.
Note that every time you shut down flash and restart it you will have to go through this process again as the id will have changed.


Alej Does it work??


@Christian Krischick, you obviously are doing something wrong,because all units can be hacked


WTF i cannot make inject naval cheats with the cheatengine anymore :(


what is the code for lihgtning kian gunship???


when i play, it always ask me to use a power-up but when i click the power up i cant click it on the enemy.



@Jomar Sto Tomas, yes, it is still working


is this still working alejandro? :)


@Ikan Pelaga Putih, as I said in the tutorial,crimson hand units can't be hacked using this way,you can clone the chimera (and some others too) because of a glitch on the game,but that's not enough to hack it


why i clon this unit but it does not works??



@Ikan Pelaga Putih, you must be doing something wrong,because it is still working for me

@Eddy Miranda, nop,aun funciona


ya se parcho??????????????


@Abeer Ali Khan, cloning something means creating a copy,the HQ building allows you to create a copy of your neighbors units,and use it on fights,the copy disappear after 24 hours,but if you follow this tutorial you can keep that copy permanently as if you had built it or bought it


whats the meaning of cloning


@Ikan Pelaga Putih, yep,you need to clone another unit right after you fight 5 times,without refreshing the game until you had finish cloning

@Abeer Ali Khan, I was going to make a video of this cheat,but I found out there are already several videos posted


@Alejandro Retana: that is the problem i already fight 5 time but when I refresh .....is no changes ..do I need to clon another unit before I refresh or what...??

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