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Question-whiteAnswers to questions ????

by Vanessa Aniceto - Jul 30, 2012 Star_s590 views

I really don´t understand why this forum exists if there´s no moderators answering our questions ???? I see a lot of players asking for help but nobody is answering them. I posted a question 3 days ago and no moderator bothered to answer it and it was a question asked by several players...... who also got no response !!!! Finally, I got my answer today, from a player who was responding to a post from another player, with the exact same question as I !!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Rae Hall, I can understand that none of the moderators play the game and that all of you work voluntarily but if you have a forum you have to be able to help the players in some way. If a lot a players have the same question, you have to give some attention to the subject and try to help them.
Meanwhile, the resolution for the problem it´s not working anymore, and as you don´t play the game I will explain what happens: when we enter the game, we receive, immediately, the lives from friends, but as we already have 5 lives they haren´t added to the total. After we lose the 5 lives, the ones sent from friends don´t appear anywhere. Where are they ? How can we get them ? Could you please help and inform how can we get them, because not accepting the lives at the beginnig and refreshing the game after losing the 5 lives so that we can accept them does´t work anymore. Thanks in advance for your help.


It may be our moderators do not play this game. We cover dozens of games and we all work on this site voluntarily. However, Anyone can answer questions here and if its a good answer they can win GU coins which can be used to get stuff in the  game.


I too wonder the same thing.

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