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Light-bulbThe Fitness Fort - Golden Bell Burly Bulls

by Tonya Collins - Jul 30, 2012 Star_s3,585 views

If your tired of raising Pigs and Sheep then why not give Bulls a try? Your Bulls all need to be strong and what better way than building them a Fitness Fort? The Fitness Fort is a three stage building, and there will be 4 new missions to guide you along the way.

To complete your missions you will need 60 soybean crops, enough flax for 32 drops, 40 Spinach, bull thistle crops,  grass, lemon trees, green apple trees, adult pigs, sheep, cows and chickens.

  • Must be at least level 20
  • New crop - Bull Thistle - 8 hour harvest, on Free Gift Page
  • 4 New Collections - Bull endurance, Bull stamina, Bull Strength, & Bull Premium Strength
  • Red deer on Free Gift Page 

The Best Buff Burly Bull
Raise 3 Golden Bell Burly Bulls
Rewards: 10,000 XP, Golden bull Statue, Raging Bull

I. Baby Bull Steps
Place the Fitness Fort
Buy and Place a Burly Bull
Feed Burly Bull 3 Times
Rewards: 250 XP, 5 Soybeans, Physical Exam
*Bulls are bought from the Fitness Fort

2.Becoming a Bull
Feed a Burly Bull 12 Times
Harvest 60 Soybeans
Upgrade the Fitness Fort
Rewards: Thick Burly Bull Unlocked, Red Deer, Hauling Trophy

3.Aint No Bull
Tend Red Deer 15 Times
Feed your Thick Burly Bull 20 Times
Upgrade the Fitness Fort
Rewards: 1 charcoal Burly Bull, 5 Spinach, Hoof Caps
**Red Deer are a free gift, or you may have one in your animal hospital.

4.Stong Like a Bull
Harvest 40 Spinach
Feed 5 Burly Bulls
Finish the Fitness Fort
Rewards: Blue Burly Bull Unlocked, Bull Gate, 5 Muscle Mix
**Spinah is free gift, Bulls must be fed after they are weighed.

The Fitness Fort:

Stage One:
4 Treadmills - Crafted
8 Claw Steeper - Requested
12 Muscle Oil - Adult Pigs
6 Fitness Files - Requested
3 Pratice Plows - Crafted
1 Physical Exam - Reward for Mission one
**Each Treadmill is crafted from 4 wood wheels (requested), and 4 leather tracks (from adult cows).
**Each Plow is crafted from 4 stone weights (requested) and 4 bent boards (from grass).

Stage 2
8 Plow Harnesses - Crafted
15 Wool Mats- Adult Sheep
8 Flank Masters- Crafted
8 Muscle Measurers - Requested
15 Clown Barrels - Requested
1 Hauling Trophy - Reward from Mission 2
**Each Plow harness is crafted from 4 plow collars (requested) and 4 tightropes (harvesting flax).
**Each Flank Master is crafted from 3 horny handles (requested) 4 wooden rings (from lemon trees) and 6 log weights (requested).

Stage 3:
8 Preppin Poultices - Crafted
8 Bull Pens - Crafted
15 Barbells - Requested
20 Weight Benches - Requested
10 Tough Tuft - Burly Bulls
1 Hoof Cap - Reward for mission three.
**Each Preppin Poultice is crafted from 6 soothing salts (requested) and 4 egg whites (from adult chickens).
**Each Bull Pen is crafted from 16 stone clips, 12 peg hookers (both requested) and 4 aplewood fences (from green apple trees).


You will also be able to store you bulls in the show pen, so better keep working on those upgrades! 

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