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Light-bulbHow to open the Basement and more

by Karen Chimes Malin - Aug 02, 2012 Star_s6,316 views

Hi - I am level 71 and cannot even see the quests needed to open the basement. I am not sure what to do, butI feel like I am totally stucj doing the same rooms over and over again...its getting really boring and I am tempted to just stop playing. Any advice or information of how soon I will get the quests. The same appliesto the Oceanic room. I have to know people at level 99 toget some of the items to even open the room. And I have some quests to do with zodiac mode, which I have not seen either. Any advive/help would be greatly appreciated.

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12-em-plus add reply

Getting to the basement isn't dependent on what level your are -- none of the rooms are, even though they bother to say they're available to your after you reach a certain level. Completing certain quests trigger other quests and those lead to opening new rooms and structures. Since it was introduced, the basement was a ridiculous place to get to, requiring you to first open the elevator -- the quest string was so very long and the drop rate for certain required pieces so pitiful that it took well over a month of daily playing if you didn't buy anything to go faster. Now there's a shortcut to the basement as part the opening of a new boss fight area there so you're looking for a quest called Benedict's Excavation -- that has an associated event on the right called Hole in the Floor. That's your shortcut to the basement! It doesn't open the Elevator so you'll still have to work through that but it's a way to get there probably 50-100 levels faster than the original method. Regards the level 99 requirement, that means that the people who can send items to you have to be level 99 or higher. Lower level players can also "unlock" higher level items by paying some diamonds to be able to gift those to friends -- you might be surprised how many people actually do that. So always ask ALL friends for charging items and take note if any send it back when they're below the required level -- they've unlocked it! That doesn't apply to requesting items for opening rooms like Oceanic, Workshop, Brig, Island or any of the space structures - mostly those are level dependent and you can only ask your neighbors for a single item once per day so if you ask those not at the right level for something, you can't ask them for anything else related to that area until game reset. All the notes for these things are on my note site. Check the Opening Rooms, Structure section for Oceanic Room. Look at Phenoms, Curses and Zodiac for info on how to get Spiritus Ocularis built so Zodiac will come to your manor. Lots of other good info there that may help! And DON'T buy plan pieces, pictures pieces or anything else to "go faster" because generally, you just spend diamonds and have to wait anyway because you'll still have to work through the quest strings to get certain things done anyway!

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