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Light-bulbA Good Base Design

by Cory Gibson - Aug 03, 2012 Star_s11,758 views

If you want a good base design its a good idea to start with making a channel (river, stream, a place that slows down attacking ships.) to slow down your attackers ships.

After you have made a channel you want to place your warehouses and Outpost in the center so it will be hard for the attackers to hit it.

After you have placed the warehouses and outpost in the center surround them with walls (This will provide protection from ballistic based weapons.

As for defence platforms you will want to have Victory mortars, Flak Guns, Bombard Rockets, and Sentinel Missles.


Victory Mortars hit long ranged ships.

Flak Guns prevent ballistic weapons from hitting your base.

Bombard Rockets keep mortar and rocket based weapons from hitting your base.

Sentinels hit close rang ships.


It is best to group 1 of each type of weapon together so you get max protection from attackers.

Thats all the advice I have for you.

~CaptainC sector 206

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12-em-plus add reply

This is a favorite land layout of mine, and quite common setup among higher level players

from CaptainJim_GR


Just letting you know, Flak guns DONT stop ballistic, nothing does. And with everyone being advised to use RA because of the raids, sents do crap all.

Dreadnaught lvl 30
Current sector 94

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