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Question-whitehelp me please!

by Leroy Jameson - Aug 04, 2012 Star_s6,672 views

anyone that can donate chips to me on doubledown would be awesome...thanks!

i also want more friends to play with because it gets very boring playing by myself!

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I don't think it's possible to donate chips but you can send gifts to friends and get them back. That's how I add up a lot of chips--but I usually spend them all just as fast. :) Don't forget to log in daily and you can usually find DD players on Twitter by searching for posts with DoubleDown Casino--sometimes that helps!
If you haven't gotten the $200K in free chips for Da Vinci diamonds, it's still out there for new and existing players BUT keep in mind, don't ever do anything like give your credit card info or take quizzes to get chips--there are ALWAYS free offers available. I get at least a few million free chips with offers from DoubleDown...just have to seek them out! Good luck!!


ill be your friend,,, but im broke as well haha only 2mil to my name

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