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Light-bulbJade Falls - Chapter 11 Quests

by Melissa Pugh Gaddis - Aug 04, 2012 Star_s4,086 views

Duration: August 13th until August 20th

Quest 1: Hopping Right Into It

1. Get 6 Swamp Pads

2. Harvest 10 Azuki (8 hours-land)

3. Make Egg Roll 2 times

Reward: Asian Grass Frog

Quest 2: Lke a Lady

1. Get 8 Lady Beetles

2. Harvest 30 Lotus (1 day-land)

3. Harvest Asian Grass Frog 2 times

Reward: Lady Bug Costume

Quest 3: Easy to Catch Dragons

1. Get 8 Japanese Dragonflies

2. Harvest 30 Wasabi (12 hours- terrace)

3. Make Oolong Tea 3 times

Reward: Dragonfly Ponds

Quest 4:Buzzing Around

1. Get 8 Japanese Bees

2. Harvest 35 Jade Peanuts (3 days-land)

3. Make Ikura Nigiri 4 times

Reward: Mussaendra Bush

Quest 5: Butterfky High!

1. Get 9 Paper Butterfly Kites

2. Harvest 25 Lowland Ginger (12 hours-land)

3. Improve Imperial Ship to Stage 5

Reward: Butterfly Kite

Quest 6: One Final Bug Baiting

1. Get 10 Lizard Nets

2. Master Asian Grass Frog to 1 star (5 harvests)

3. Make Thai Tea 4 times

Reward: Flyind Dragon Lizard

Bushels needed for crafting:




Imperial Tea-18


Green Tea-21




Lowland Ginger-12

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12-em-plus add reply

I done wrote Zynga over this one as I have no way to do that level of the tea garden. Plus a 3 day crop that I have to plant twice cause I can't plant more than 20-25 on the land.


Quest 6 has been changed to: master Asian Grass Frog to 1 star, not 2.


Now you can harvest the frog in any farm and not necessary in Jade farm


It is possible. I just harvested the frog the first time and I got a baby in the harvest. Now I have two frogs and that will cut down the amount of time it takes. The more zoos you have built, the better. I have a feeling Zynga will change this to a 1 star requirement by the time people start complaining about it.


you have to harvest the Frog in the zoo and at the end of the quest you have take frog to 2 star 15 harvesting which is impossible in the jade farm therefor do not wast your time for this quest

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