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Light-bulbTrading fish - how to? Thanks

by Venessa Scigliano - Aug 07, 2012 Star_s5,118 views

How do you trade fish on Happy Fish? Trying to help my daughter - thanks

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I've been posting mostly 5 stars positive reviews about ths game...but they've been downgraded. I've been playing this game for over four months now and there are pros and cons. The pros were listed in my last review.

Pros: It's a great family fun game. You can add friends worldwide and collecting gems are fun! Beautiful and creative fishes keep your fish tank happy! New fish releases and mini game promotions keep you looking forward to playing more! Horoscope fishes are released during their month. Promotion mini games are released every month for super rare fish and you can earn these fishes without using fish bucks. New fishes are created frequently. So there's something to look forward to every month.

Cons: Fish bucks are hard to earn. Even after you promote the game and new users add your code to earn both you and them free fish bucks. You are only allowed one submission to earn 5 free fish bucks for yourself. When others enter your code you earn 10 fish bucks. Unfortunately, what I recently found out, is that when others add your code you stop earning fish bucks after 30 submissions. But you get system messages to remind you that someone entered your code and you can't earn anymore. This is what makes my Happy Fish tank a frustrating one. I don't want to see those messages and the game makers should have been up front about this 30 submission maximum rule. I've asked them to add this rule where they ask you to promote and add friends page inside the game. We will see how long that will take to put into effect.

Another con for this game is it is time consuming, and with the mini games, they are attention intensive because they are time sensitive. They will run only between certain dates. The mini games are temporary and can sometimes be dissapointing. The prizes earned are not as valuable as one would have expected after putting in so much time in the mini game.

Finally, the system is buggy. Make sure you upload your files often through the Options Page found on the Main Screen. Some users lose gems, coins, fish bucks, and fishes earned through play when they do a new update. Responsiveness from tech team is slow and you have to bombard them through the ticket system inside the game or through their Facebook Pages. It took them 13 days for them to address a billing issue, I experienced during one of their mini games promotions. So be aware they are slow when it comes to fixes.

With all of this said, this game has been downgraded from a five star rating to a three star. It is still fun to play, but know what you're playing with going into it. Best of luck gaming!


Want the Sun Fish?

TIP PAGE (Chinese) for the Synthesis Potion Game [available to gamers at level 35+]:

It shows pictures of different combinations, for possible fishes to win. Remember though that the system still holds the wild card in the form of a question mark after you enter the gem combinaton. So its a lot like playing slots, a random pick. Good luck winning the Sun Fish!

FREE FISH BUCKS PROMO CODE: AD3D2Q7V! Get started earning gems and coins to trade for fish! Can be used one time per player.


You trade fish buy going to treasure chest but in order to trade you have to own fish and collect the gems that go with the fish your trying to trade you'll know what I'm talking about when you go to treasure chest icon you'll see like certain gems in a row and a fish at the end that's the gems you need for that fish. In order to get them gems you have to own the fish that produces them good luck or you can collect gems from your friends pages too

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