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Question-whiteMonster world item asking button doesnt work

by Alex Andru - Aug 08, 2012 Star_s192 views

Hello, lately the button from MAKE PRODUCTS, "Ask your friend" and the buttons from the pump "Ask for more" simply dont work... if i press them nothing happens...i`ve tried on several computers, on several explorers... nothing. I just cant seem to ask for any help for woogoos or pump materials.... if anyone has a solution to this waiting reply. And I have a quest which cant see, same problem, if i click on it nothing happens and cant complete it. The quest is LOOK TO THE SKY ABOVE, and i cant find nowhere on the internet about it.

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12-em-plus add reply

you have to wait the chance when the network with a heavy load,
and your friend list only shows your photo without any friend,
if this condition appears,
you can click the mission and the mission window will pop-up.
now solve it as soon as possible.

I had overcome the bug.


I have the same problem
although I know the mission is:
1) Harvest 165 plots of Eye Flower
2) Have, then deliver 35 x Eye Flower
3) Buy 1 x Scrap Telescope
but since I cannot deliver Eye Flowers, so I cannot complete it.


is yours fixed now?


this has happened to me too...its been the same on mine for 2 weeks :-(


I had the same problem . I waited a day and it sorted itself . So all I can suggest is to be patient

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