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Light-bulbFrontier Games - Going For Gold

by Tonya Collins - Aug 09, 2012 Star_s2,740 views


The Olympics have hit the homestead and its time to play 3 games for Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies and earn some powerful rewards like the tough hand tonics and cakes! We will see 4 missions and one wrapper mission as well as The Frontier Flame which will have 3 building stages.

The Olympics will bring in a new series of games, Log Choppin, Rock Chippin, and Weed Pullin'. New games will unlock as you progress though the missions. Each Game will be determined by how fast you complete all the games , with 18 plays to finish.

Each game will require a specific item, saws, hammers, and pulleys that you can craft. When all 18 plays are done, your judges Fanny, Hank and Bess will give you a score out of 10 that will determine your final prize.


Frontier Saw = 2 Frontier Spirit + 3 Durable Saws
Frontier Rockhammer = 2 Frontier Spirit + 3 Rockhammer
Frontier Pulley = 2 Frontier Spirit + 3 Simple Pulley

**Frontier Spirit drops from harvesting frontier flowers, harvesting wheat, and rarely playing games on your homestead, other items are requested.


 The first 2 items in each collection will drop from either you or your partner playing the game. You have a chance at the other 3 when scored in. The  higher the score the better the odds.  

The Log Sawmill Collection - 1 fully grown pine, 2 fully grown willows, 5 Frontier Saws
The Rock Chippin Collection - 1 Tough Hand Tonic, 5 Steel Forges, 5 Frontier Rockhammers
The Weed Pullin Collection - 1 Frontier Fritter, 3 Grass, 5 Frontier Pulleys 


*Mastery of the Game
-Turn in a Log Sawin' Collection
-Turn in a Rock Chippin' Collection
-Turn in a Weed Pullin' Collection
Rewards: 20,000 XP, Greek Bear 15 Horseshoes
*collections drop from playing the Frontier Games

I. Let The Games Begin
-Place the Frontier Torch
-Place a Log Sawin Game
-Use a Log Sawin Game 3 Times
Rewards: 3 Frontier Flowers, 2 Olive Trees

II. Lighting the Way
-Harvest 40 Frontier Flowers - free gift
-Use 12 Frontier Saws on Log Sawin Games
-Complete the First Stage of the Torch
Rewards: Rock Chippin' Games Unlocked, Frontier Games Cow, 800 XP

III. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
-Tend Games Cow 15 Times on your homestead (mission reward)
-Use 20 Rock Hammers on Rock Chippin Games
-Upgrade the Frontier Torch
Rewards: Weed Pullin' Game Unlocked, 2 Frontier Medal Trees, 1500 XP

IV. Prove your Medal
-Use 25 Frontier Pulleys on a Weed Pullin' Game
-Collect the Daily Bonus on 5 Game Trophies (given as game rewards)
-Complete the Frontier Torch
Rewards: 2 Frontier Fritters, Track and Suit Cow, 8500 XP

The Frontier Torch 

Stage One - Required for Mission 2
6 Running Shoes - Requested
10 Flags of the World - Clearing Neighbor's debris
10 Opening Ribbons - Requested
8 Frontier Wreaths - Crafted
6 Frontier Juice - Requested
4 Admission Tickets - Requested
*Each Wreath requires 3 perfect olives (from olive trees) and 5 green wreaths ( requested).
*Each Frontier Juice requires 4 plum juice (plum trees) and 4 glass mugs (requested).

Stage Two - Required for Mission 3
15 Construction Certificates - Requested
30 Large Flowerbeds - Red Roses
20 Sturdy Screws - Requested
8 Worker Refreshments - Crafted
10 Large Bleachers - Crafted
8 Hefty Toolboxes - Requested
*Each Refreshment requires 4 sugary orange juice ( orange trees) and 6 large pitchers (requested).
*Each Large Bleacher requires 4 strong oak (from fully grown oak) and 5 seat backs (requested).

Stage Three - Required for Mission 4
15 Frontier Magaphones - Requested
30 Bronze Medals - Steel Forges
20 Gramaphones - Requested
8 Finished Silver Medals - Crafted
6 Finished Gold Medals - Crafted
10 Frontier Podiums - Requested
*Each Silver Medal requires 6 silver medal molds (from frontier medal trees - free gift), 12 silver ore (requested) and 8 fancy red ribbons (requested).
*Each Gold Medal requires 6 gold ore, 12 gold medal molds (both requested) and 6 fancy ribbons (from weighed prized pigs).


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