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Light-bulb45x45 and 48x48 Land Expansion Missions

by Barbara D'Angelo - Aug 13, 2012 Star_s5,392 views

It is time to Expand! The Gigantic Homestead Expansion (45x45) and the Gargantuan Homestead Expansion (48x48) have been released with missions. There is also a 51x51 Expansion that is released for the tidy sum of only 600HS for those very rich homesteaders lol.

Missions 45x45

Part I Bulk Up

Collect 10 Clearing tools from friends
Harvest 90 Tomatoes
Craft 10 Snack Satchels

Rewards: 250XP, 250 Coins, 5 Lemon Trees

Crafting Snack satchels requires 4 Snack Mix requested and 6 Leather Satchels drop from adult cows for each Snack Satchel

 Part II Marking Territory

Harvest 120 Lemon Trees
Collect 15 survey Authorizations from friends
Chop Pine Trees 200 times

Rewards: 500XP, 500 Coins, 5 Lemon Mint

 Part III Clearing Foxes

Clobber 7 Foxes
Clear 50 Grass
Craft 10 Fox Snares

Rewards: 750XP, 750 Coins, Ultimate Chili

To Craft Each Fox Snare you will need 6 Trap Sticks, drop from chopping non-sapling Oak trees on your homestead and 8 Meat Hooks, requested

 Part IV True Lines

Tend 150 Adult Sheep

Craft 10 Survey Tripods
Collect 25 Border Flags from friends

Rewards: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, 3 Coffee trees

To Craft ech Survey Tripod you will need 6 wood poles, drop from Apple trees, and 8 Viewin' Scopes, requested.

 Part V Official Business

Craft 15 Scythes
Collect 5 daily bonuses from the Land Office
Harvest 50 Green Apple Trees

Rewards: 1500XP, Totem Poles, 45X45 Expansion unlocked

To Craft each Scythe you will need 8 long blades, requested and 6 Branch Handles, drop from peach trees.

To finish your Expansion go to your land office and purchase the Expansion for 8 Land Grants.

Gargantuan Expansion 48x48

 Part I Spreading the Word

15 Neighbor Permission Slips, requested                                                                                  20 Cacti cleared                                                                                                                 Craft 10 Beautiful Gift Baskets

 Rewards 250XP, 250 Coins, 2 fully grown Oak trees

To craft each Beautiful Gift Basket you will need 4 Wildflower Bouquets, Drop occasionally from wildflowers on your Homestead, and 4 Beautiful Baskets, requested

 Part II Clearing the Path

 Harvest 35 Coffee Trees                                                                                                   Clear 10 Varmits from your homestead                                                                                  20 Wool yarn, drops from Sheep

Rewards: 500XP, 500 Coins, 5 Marigolds

 Part III Remove Unwanted Visitors

 Harvest 100 Wheat                                                                                                            Craft 10 Boundary Markers                                                                                               Collect 25 Map Coordinates from friends

 Rewards: 750XP, 750 Coins, 1 Shaggy Llama

 To Craft each Boundary Marker you will need 4 Spike Poles, Drop from Apricot Trees on your homestead, and 8 Pink Flags, requested

 Part IV Providing A Safe House

 Collect 30 Thick Blankets from Friends                                                                                  Craft 20 Snack Satchels                                                                                                   Collect 85 Picnic Food, drops from Pecan trees

 Rewards: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, 1 Cream cow

To craft the Snack Satchels you will need 4 Snack Mix, requested and 6 Leather Satchels, drop from adult cows

 Part V Get Er Done

 Craft 20 Lookout Perches,                                                                                                Collect 5 Daily Bonuses from the Land office                                                                         Tend 150 Oxen

 Rewards 1500XP, Water Geyser, Expansion unlocked

 To craft each Lookout Pearch you will need 8 Ladder Boards, drop from non-sapling Oak trees on your homestead, and 4 Flexable Straps, requested

 To finish your Expansion go to your land office and purchase the Expansion for 9 Land Grants.



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12-em-plus add reply

You can leave empty space on your homestead for it to grow. Play around with different areas. It seems to grow better in some spots.


for more grass go through your collections and see if theirs any their


I am desperate for an expansion. Is there any way to get 50 Grass other than endlessly planting Wheat?


I just got a great tip from a friend. Mission 2 of the 45 x45 expansion requires us to chop our NON SAPLING pine trees 200 times, however if you use a raging buffalo, saplings will count towards the mission. Too bad I already killed the forest, lol. 

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