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3 Level 23 444 people
4 Level 86 439 people
5 Level 140 438 people

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by Karen Smith Nichols - Aug 17, 2012 Star_s4,792 views

I despise this game. it's impossible to beat without spending money and I'm done.. Bought the little hammers, the fish, the candy balls.. loved the game to begin with but have been stuck on level 30 for days and I'm done.. it's just not fun anymore with the irritating music... and the crying dragon is reallly getting on my nerves. Thank you Candy Crush.. you got me for $15 worth of FB credits for the first time in my history .. but never again.. I am deleting this game.. It sucks!

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Im on level 121. No money spent upto now and dont plan to. You just gotta keep on trying. i've been stuck in one level for weeks. it is more fulfilling when u finish without any boosters


I'm on level 75 have not spent any money. Sometimes it takes me awhile to beat a level,but i just keeping trying!

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