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Question-whitelevel 45- center jelly

by Tamara Reagan - Aug 19, 2012 Star_s200,298 views

i am stuck on level 45. i clear all the jellies but the middle one. you can't match it up so how can you clear it?

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This is one way of doing it. 


Finally got it by having two multi-colored candies together and then matching them. Cleared a lot of candies too.


"The standalone middle block can be cleared by 4 methods, vertical striped candy on the middle column, correctly positioned wrap+striped combo or color bomb + striped candy with the presence of mulitple candies of the same color as your striped candy either vertically or horizontally. Lastly a horizontal striped candy that is created either from the top and shifted to the same row, or being randomly created during domino effect. The jelly need to be hit twice. Its a hassle.

See how it is done with no boosters (and all other levels with no boosters) here


2 striped candies smashed together - one striped candy must be the same color as the center. I was directly under the center, so that may have helped as well.


Use the lollipop hammer!


what is the special candy?


You can also line up 5 candies, get a chocolate ball, and blast whichever color is in the center.


You have to have a special candy in the row directly above the middle candy. When matched it will clear the middle jelly.


HELP....My chocolate / coloured sprinkled candy is stuck in the middle and I have no other moves. What now????


Use one of the special candies that will clear the middle row or column.

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