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Light-bulbhow ro retreive extra lives

by Tyesha Thompson - Aug 19, 2012 Star_s12,229 views

i jus want to know why my friends can send me extra lives and if my life is already at full there is no way to retreive the lives that were given.... also why do you have to wait 25min to jus earn one life

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12-em-plus add reply

If you want to have a full life all the time, you should send out requests for lives very often and also when you don't really need them. Some of The lives gets stuck in cyber space and comes through much larter, so by sending out a lot of requests you keep them coming all time. 


This is a very unfair game. There is no reason to play with another person if they can't give you lives! Too bad. It was a fun game.


this is not working for me and I have lost numerous lives that were given by friends. So where do u go to get more lives?


when it says ask friends close it and open again. Sometimes it will say get life... that's the only way you can get them without the long wait...I play on mine and two other family members and two of the three works. Mine used to but now it doesn't. Good Luck!!

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