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Light-bulbJack's Mineshaft - Jack's Gone Missing!

by Tonya Collins - Aug 20, 2012 Star_s955 views

Oh No! Jack has disappeared  into a Mineshaft! Lets grab us some shovels and dynomite and dig him out!

 You must be at least leve 14 to begin the mineshaft. The mineshaft will appear in the lower corner of your homestead in the same area as the talent show.

What you will need: 

30 Squash (mission 1)
Potatoes (crafting, mission 3)
Flax (crafting, building stage 2)
Steel Forges (crafting, building stage 2 and 4)
Brass Forges (crafting, building stage 4)

Fruit Trees:
Cherry Trees (crafting, building stage 3)

Lumber Trees:
Large Oak Trees (crafting, building stage 1)
Pine STUMPS (chopped roots, building stage 3)
Oak STUMPS (chopped roots, building stage 3)
Non-sapling pines (crafting, building stage 3)
Large Willows (big sticks, building stage 4)

30 Adult Oxen (mission 2)
Adult Moose (crafting, mission 3)
Adult Sheep (wool blankets, mission 4)
Adult Canaries (free gift, mission 5)
Adult Cows (waxy candles, building stage 2)

Grass (drops notes from jack, mission 2)
Rocks (broken rubble, building stage 1)



I. Missing Inacation
Harvest 30 Squash
Tend 20 Neighbor's Animals
Collect 5 Missing Jack Posters
Rewards: Canary, Digging Directions, 400 Coins

II. A Friend O' Mine
Tend 30 Adult Oxen
Gather 15 notes From Jack (clear grass)
Complete Stage One of the Mine
Rewards: 3 Potatoe Ready Boosts, 600 Coins

III. Meals on Wings
Craft 6 Miner Meals
Gather 40 Mashed Taters
Complete STage Two of the Mine
Rewards: Molten Cake, Cave Coordinates, 1000XP
**Each Meal requires 4 hard bread (requested) and 3 dry meat (adult moose)

IV. A Chilly Disposition
Ask For 20 Bed Rolls
Gather 30 Wool Blankets
Complete Stage 3 of the Mine
Rewards: Fluffy Leader Sheep ,Mine'r Map , 1400 XP

V. To the Rescue
Tend 20 Adult Canaries
Ask for 15 Miner Hats
Complete the Mine
Rewards: 2 Crazy Cakes, Jack's Mine, 2'200 XP



Stage One - Hole-Y Moley (mission 2)
8 Diggin' Picks - Requested
8 Broken Rubble - Rock Debris
6 Mine Carts - Crafted
12 Diggin' Shovels - Requested

**Each Cart requires 4 Wooden Carts (Large Standard Oak Trees) and 4 Sturdy Wheels (Requested)

Stage Two - Shed Some Light On It (mission 3)
8 Miner's Lanterns - Crafted
10 Sun Mirrors - Requested
15 Waxy Candles - Adult Cows
8 Cart Tracks - Crafted
1 Diggin Directions - Reward from Mission Two
15 Lantern Oil - Requested

**Each Miner's Lantern requires 3 Long Burning Wicks (Flax) and 5 Metal Casings (Requested)
**Each Cart Track requires 2 Sturdy Rails (Steel Forges) and 6 Solid Spikes (Requested)

Stage Three - Root of the Problem (mission 4)
10 Pruning Shears - Crafted
15 Root Breakers - Requested
8 Chopped Roots - Standard Pine and Oak STUMPS
10 Root Axes - Crafted
1 Cave Coordinates - Reward from Mission Three
20 Root Sickles - Requested

**Each Pruning Shears requires 3 Long Handles (Standard Non Sapling Pines) and 5 Broad Blades (Requested)
**Each Root Axe requires 6 Double Axe Heads (Requested) and 4 Solid Shafts (Cherry Trees)

Stage Four - Growls in the Deep (mission 5)
9 Cart Tracks - Crafted
15 Liquid Courage - Requested
15 Big Sticks - Fully Grown Willows
10 Creature Cages - Crafted
1 Miners Map - Reward from Mission Four
20 Pot Helmets - Requested

**Each Cart Track requires 2 Sturdy Rails (Steel Forges) and 6 Solid Spikes (Requested)
**Each Cage requires 5 Trigger Plates, 4 Unsprung Springs (Both Requested) and 3 Burly Bars (Brass Forges)


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12-em-plus add reply

Yes, yes, yes! (Who else should go down? How about Amelia from CW?)


count me in too


Count me in :)


There is no question that we should all get together and push Jack down the mine, maybe we can blackmail him into making some of this stuff more reasonable, and fixing the flaws in the game

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