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Light-bulbRescue Ted : White Grizzly Trapping and Taming

by Tonya Collins - Aug 23, 2012 Star_s3,022 views

There is a White Grizzly terrorizing Ted and Bess needs your help to build a trap to caputure and train the fellow. Once tamed you will be able to ride him around your homestead and will be able to clobber varmits with one whack!

This event will take up the area on your homestead where the carnival has been, but you will still be able to complete the carnival missions if you haven't finished :) There will be one wrapper mission as well as 4 main missions which will work the same way as previous bess' and Ted missions.

Must be at least level 14
New Free Gift - Red Huckleberry Crop (5 hour harvest)
New Collection - White Grizzly

What You Need:40 Passion Flowers (mission 1)

40 Passion Flowers, 40 Sieve Stations (Mission2,  free gift), Red Huckleberry Crops (drops plump huckleberries, mission 3, free gift), Flax (drops small ropes, building stage 1) Blueberries (drops bowls of blueberries, building stage 2), Brass Forges (drops fillet knives, building stage 2), Cotton (drops cotton blankets, building stage 3), Large Pine Trees (drops reinforced boards, building stage 1) and Colorado Pinyon Trees (drops pine nuts building stage 3).

Wrapper Mission:

Rare Sightings
-Clobber 5 varmints (any varmint)
-Find the Silver Owl (use the owl trap from Wild Animal Taming)
-Catch all 3 Wolf variants (use the wolf trap from Wild Animal Taming)
Reward: Crazier Cake, 3000 XP, Raging Buffalo

Main Missions:

I. Supply & Demand
-View "what is this" for the Bear Rock (right hand sideboard)
-Collect 8 Bear Nets from friends
-Harvest 40 Passion Flowers
Reward: 600 Ted's Attention, 5 Colorado Pinyons (you need these for the 4th mission), Durable Hammer (needed for the sideboard)

II. The Trappings of a Plan
-Collect 8 Trap Blueprints from friends
-Harvest 40 Sieve Stations
-Complete Phase 1 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 500 Ted's Attention, Wooden Bear Statue, Large Basket (needed for the sideboard)

III. A Luring Cuisine
Collect 15 Small Mushrooms from friends
-Collect 30 Plump Huckleberries (drops from Huckleberry crop on Free Gift page)
-Complete Phase 2 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 500 Ted's Attention, 3 The Crop Whisperer books, Safety Gloves (needed for the sideboard)

IV. To Tame the Untamable
-Collect 10 Tamin' Whips from friends
-Collect 15 Bear Collars from friends
Complete Phase 3 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 400 Ted's Attention, 2000 XP, 3 Black Bear Cubs

Phase 1


*Reinforced Boards drop from Large Pine Trees, Catch poles are crafted from 4 wooden poles (requested) and 4 small rope found while harvesting flax.  

Phase 2


*Harvest blueberries for bowls of blueberries, Each smoked salmon requires 6 wood chips (requested), 8 large salmon (requested) and 6 fillet knives from Brass Forges.

Phase 3


*Each Bear Tamn Treat requires 5 calming leaves (requested) , 10 salty seasoning and 6 deer jerkey both requested.

*Piles of Pine Nuts drop from Colorado Pinyon (mission reward, free gift) Each Cozy Bed requires 4 fluffy pillows (requested), and 5 blankest (from harvesting cotton).


All information and photos from the Zynga forums                             



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