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Light-bulbPrancing Ponies Missions

by Barbara D'Angelo - Aug 27, 2012 Star_s1,773 views

Bess is out to have fun and show off her best
ponies in a Pony Parade. The parade has 4
missions a wrapper mission and 3 building
stages for the Training Center. As much as you
guys are going to hate it we are not using our
own ponies but are going to team up with
neighbors to make the best Prancing Ponies.
This will work like the other prize animals we
have done like the pigs, sheep or Bulls.

There will be 6 new ponies, 3 are coins and 3
are HS. We will also have a new crop, if you
haven't guessed it yet, it will be oats!

There will be two new collections, Beautiful
Breed Collection that gives Ultimate Chili, and
the Premium Beautiful Breed Collection that
gives a Crazy cake and a Raging bull.

You will ask a neighbor to help you with a pony
and after feeding Sweet Feed the pony will be
scored, one over 300 will be a Golden Bow
Beautiful Breed Horse.

Things you will need

Sparkling roses

Fruit trees:

Lumber Trees:
Pines- nonsapling

Black Bear cub
Sheep, adult standard
chickens, adult standard

Building the Training Center:

Stage One

4 Training Carousels, crafted
6 Pratice Prancers, requested
20 Mane Mousse, drop from standard adult pigs
8 Groomin brushes, requested
4 Mane Scrubbers, crafted
1 Breed Certificate, from Mission I

Each Carousel requires 4 sturdy Bases,
requested and 4 Pony Poles, drops from non-
sapling pines on your homestead
Each Mane Scrubber requires 4 Horse Hoses,
requested and 4 scrub Handles, drops from grass

Stage Two

8 Saddle Snacks, crafted
20 Horse Blankets, drop from standard adult
20 Ornate Reins, requested
15 Side Saddles, requested
1 Best Breed Wreath, from Mission II

Each Saddle Snack requires 4 Hay Bags,
requested and 4 Rolled Hay, drops from
harvesting Flax on your homestead
Each Parade Pedestal requires 3 Ninny Nails,
requested, 4 Stage Stilts, drops from apple
trees on your homestead and 6 Balance Springs,

Stage Three

8 Beauty Paste, crafted
8 Struttin Stages, crafted
15 Parade Shoes, requested
20 Hoof Polish, Requested
10 Flower Scent, drop from feeding Sweet Feed
to a horse
1 pooper Scooper, from Mission III

Each Beauty Paste requires 6 Sweet Oils,
requested and 4 Egg Whites drops from standard
adult chickens on your homestead
Each Struttin Stage requires 20 Hoof
Steps,requested, 12 horse Courses, requested,
and 4 oak pegs, drop from non-sapling oaks


Part 1 Rearin' up

Place The Training Center
Buy and place a Beautiful Breed Horse
Feed the horse 3 times

Rewards: 250XP, 5 Wheat ready boosts, Breed

Crafting, To feed the horses you need to make
Sweet Feed, each Sweet Feed requires 2 oat
Flour, drops from Oats, Rarely Wheat and Prize
ponies and 3 Horsey Punch, requested

Part II Hot TO Trot

Feed a Beautiful Breed Horse 15 times
Harvest 30 Wheat
Upgrade your Training Center

Rewards: Spotted Saddle Horse unlocked, 1 Black
bear Cub, Best in Breed Wreath

Part III A Horse of Course

Tend a Black Bear Cub 15 times
Feed a Spotted Saddle Horse 20 times
Upgrade the Training Center

Rewards: 1 Fjord horse, 5 Sparkling Roses,
Pooper Scooper

Part IV The Big Makeover

Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses
Tend a Beautiful Breed Horse 5 times after
Finish the Training Center

Rewards: Nez Perce Horse unlocked, Best Breed
Gate, 10 Sweet Feed

Wrapper Mission:

Exquisite Equines

Raise Three Golden Bow Beautiful Breed Horses,
must be scores over 300

Rewards: 10,000XP,Golden Horse Statue, 10

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12-em-plus add reply

I have played Pioneer Trail (Frontier Trail) sense it started, and I have spent a lot of money on it, but it's geting really fustrading because of all the missions and all the building at the same time, of only being abel to collect 50 item's at the time, of not geting the rewards when you help your friends neighbors with there requests, and of not being abel to complete a mission or a building because of one item, you ask and ask for it, your friends and neighbors send it to you but you never get it, the only way you can complete it by buying the item with horseshoes, you do not get to many by playing the game, and the thing is that you have to buy the horseshoes with real money, WHY? It's a game, milliones of people play it and want to by abel to play without getting FUSTRADED, and the snag bar does not help much, most of the time it's not working....

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