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Question-white4th Kitchen for Quest?

by Xandra Braugarten - Aug 27, 2012 Star_s139 views

New quest says build a 4th kitchen. Said I was at the building cap, so I stored one kitchen, built the 4th kitchen. Still can only have 3 kitchens. When's that gonna get fixed so I can place my 4th and fulfill the quest??

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12-em-plus add reply

You can't just buy a 4th kitchen, you have to buy THE 4th kitchen, it should be in the market under its own buy item under buildings. The requirements to build it are a little stiffer than a regular kitchen

I think materials were/are
30 wood planks
12 gold bars
8 steel bars
8 iron pots
it's been awhile since I bought it, so I don't know if those requirements are still the same


Hmm. If you are at level 46, I am at level 48 we should have the same Crafting building cap. That is 19 buildings. The Beastie lab doesn't count, I know that. The Workshop should count, but since that can be considered a "unique building" as part of one of the 4 buildable workshops I am not sure how that works, same with the Studios. So I am not sure if you want to try also storing your bakery and or butcher too, then if THAT doesn't work go all jacked up on Zynga ;)


Just tried storing, in this order... Beastie Laboratory, Studio, and Workshop. Still gave me the message "Building Cap Reached" when I attempted to place the kitchen.


Try storing one of your other crafting buildings in order to place your 4th kitchen. For example, store one of your Workshops. Then place your kitchen. Complete your quest. When you level up high enough you can place more crafting buildings.

Hope that helps :)

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