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Question-whitePicked ALL my onions...

by Tina Dominicus - Aug 30, 2012 Star_s1,006 views

So...I accidentally picked ALL my onions...will they ever grow back???

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What I did was harvest the onions I had until there was only one harvest left on each of them. Then I leave the ones with only one onion alone for good, never touch them again, no matter how much I need them. It takes patience, but they will start reproducing as long as you give them a space of grass on each side.


Every day I spend all my hearts on onions. Always have a shortage of onions and eggs. They grow back at a slower pace than the mushrooms. I am disappointed they changed the gift setting to mystery gift now. Was better the other way. Now I have an overload of mushrooms at my restaurant that I do not even need. Most of my mystery gifts come as limes and mushrooms. Do not need those xD. Chefville needs to change this.


they really need a better way for everyone to get onions.... There are too many recipes that call for the things.


They will grow back as stated, but you can use hearts to buy some in the market if you don't feel like waiting. They cost 30 hearts each.


Yes, they first appear as little dark dots in your grassy areas, but grow back pretty slow. You can harvest from friends, but its only a chance of getting an item-no guarantees. I struggle to keep them stocked!

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