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Question-whiteinfraction for a Question / telegraph station

by Darlene Holmes - Sep 02, 2012 Star_s51 views

March 2012 the telegraph station was added, I've been working on this for over 6 months. The only thing i get from Coustoner service " Download Google crome" So i go to the formns "player support"

I type in my problem andask a question and the so called gestapo give me an infraction for asking a bloody question, WTH.

Here it is can anyone answer it.

Just to let you know this is the only mission i'm working on till i'm finish

And I've been working on it for months now because this is all i get!

Should I just give up and quit or wait till the game is fixed?

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12-em-plus add reply

I am right there with you, I have that problem going on, I can get up to day 3 then it resets. I never contacted customer support just didn't think I get the answer I needed. My hope is that now we can store that building, when we collect off the new civic center the count will finally work. If that doesn't fix it, then it might just blow up. lol I think you should let that one sit there and go on. Just keep rolling it to the end of the line and someday it will fix, and we will get that one off out lists.


I use chrome, but the telegraph stations haven't worked for months, are you contacting support by chat or email, usually you get a better resloution from chat.

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