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Light-bulbLevel do you get the center jelly? I have tried everything!

by Valarie Menges Rosenberg - Sep 03, 2012 Star_s310,510 views

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The standalone middle block can be cleared by 4 methods, vertical striped candy on the middle column, correctly positioned wrap+striped combo or color bomb + striped candy with the presence of mulitple candies of the same color as your striped candy either vertically or horizontally. Lastly a horizontal striped candy that is created either from the top and shifted to the same row, or being randomly created during domino effect. The jelly need to be hit twice. Its a hassle.

See how it is done with no boosters (and all other levels with no boosters) here


You need to make striped candies and get them on the right place to get to the jelly in the middle. Or use the color Bombs to remove every candy of the color that is in there at the moment. 


This is one way of doing it. 


This might help you out! How to vid:) Good luck!



If you've only been using the phone version, log on to Facebook on your computer. They will give you free items to use. I was able to get levels 45-48 done with the extra bombs.


I had a few lollipops saved up that you can use to smash a candy. I used that for the center jelly.


You have to do it more than once. Like all the jellies on the board, you have to explode them twice.


I have done both of those things and neither of them worked :(


I finally got it by lining up a striped and blowing thru that space... The only way I found


You either have to match up 4 of one color and get the striped color to move across and get it or match up 5 and get the lightning ball to zap it. Its harder than it sounds.

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