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by Kixie Lam-Jek - Sep 05, 2012 Star_s5,613 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Don't let the quests overwhelm you. Most of the quests have no time limit on them, and you only see one normal quest from Marie and Walter at a time. This means you are in no rush to complete these quests. If you have a timed quest, focus on those first. Then work on the rest.

I don't know how you plant, how many trees you have, etc. The third well will help, and you may need to then save up for a fourth well. From there, you have to prioritize what you plant and what you water. Always look at your current quest(s) and plant/water based on that. Then if you have anything left over, water from there. If you have too many trees, then sell some. I keep two of each type of tree unless a quest requires me to have more. I always water the trees I'm using in the Crafting Kitchen first. Then, if I have anything extra, I water some more.


Don't know who else feels this way...but WAY TOO MANY QUESTS...most of them requiring water...already cannot water 1/2 of the stuff on the farm...have 2 wells..building a3rd.Cannot produce ENOUGH water to get things going...

Back off the quests a bit...and LOWER the amount of water needed for trees....
ALSO...Farmhands...your are hiring...THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO MORE THAN 4 THINGS ON THE FARM!!!!!! Visitor can do 5...Farmhands should be able to do MORE...

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