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Light-bulbTips for playing Farmville 2

by Tony Hull - Sep 07, 2012 Star_s66,475 views

I'm up to level 8 (1/2 way to 9) and learned a few things the hard way.  So I'll share what tips I learn.  Fee free to share yours as well!! :)

Use the Crafting Kitchen!  Don't sell your farmed goods.  Check the Kitchen and stock up on items that can create the 3 step crafted goods.  If you need Gold, you can sell on step 1 or 2 but try to push for the final crafted good in each group.  Earning gold is a pain and you need plenty of it early on.  At level 7 or 8 you need ot by a "White Baby Sheep" This will cost 9000 gold.  So, be ready for it.  You'll also need to buy land, also not cheep.  The level 8 land spot is 20,000 gold.  So, crafted goods is your best shot at getting the money you'll need.

Take care with feeding your chickens and Goats too often.  After so many feedings they will start to Master.  Which makes them kind of useless for earning Milk and Eggs.  At least up to level 9, Don't worry about buying additional animals unless you master one.  There will be a quest asking you to have 8 animals total at one point.  So, plane for this amount as well.  (I went with +2 chickens and this worked for me as I needed eggs for crafting.  Don't sell eggs, learned the hard way when they started to master and I ran short on eggs...bad idea lol.)

If you need feed, grind blueberries.  tomatoes are for crafting and Blueberries seem to be better for your money, regarding grinding feed.

Stock up on wheat.  You'll need it for crafting flower for multiple finished goods.

Tips you may already have learned:

You can right click to pick up and rotate anything on your farm.

Left clicking a plot and dragging your mouse across a row or crops will harvest/plant/water/or fertilize your crops faster. (It won't drag the screen on crops)

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also, when you level up the game completes all your crops so when you notice you are going to level up soon plant long term crops so they will complete when you level up...learned that the hard way, too

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Guess I'm a bit sneaky. I lay out very short wait crops. This boggles the mind of some neighbors. They feel compelled to click and water them. This has led to my advantage if you have lots of water and fertilizer. Before accepting the neighbors help water the crop get and then get rid of it. Plant the crop you want to instantly grow. I use 24 hours crops or at current highest exp crops. Water it then fertilize it. Then accept your neighbors help. You now have instantly grown crops and made some good exp. Not to mention a chance at a prized crop. :).

If you don't have fertilizer and would like certain crops fertilized by your neighbors do the same process minus the fertilizer.

Instantly growing your trees that you need works in the same fashion as long as a neighbor has helped with that tree.

Don't know how to get your neighbors to do what you want? Look in decorations There's a "Wooden Sign" for 100 coins. I place the sign in a surrounded fence with the items I need my neighbors to help with and the sign. Working on level 13 and I haven't given Zynga a single penny. Hope this helps our fellow Farmville 2 friends <3


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Jolisa, You only have that much water because you have used a 'cheat '. I think the quests which ask you to collect water or collect power( which have only been in recent quests ) are Zyngas' way of stopping you. Unless you can find another 'cheat' that will get get rid of the water,you will just have to skip the quests that require these collections.


How do you do the quest that require you to collect water if you have way over the amount of water stored... I have 2,585,727 water stored and can't get rid of all of it to collect water from my wells for the quest... Please help!


Now that there's a sort on crafting buildings, sort for coins, then page right till you find something you have the ingredients for and make it. That will give you max coins when you sell in the market. Look for items that take only 1-2 crafts to make also as that minimizes the # of crafts to get those coins, and lets you make more.
That should solve the problem with not enough coins.

All the other advice here is GREAT! Thanks


@Cecelia Neufeld - Several horses are available for Coins. It may be that you are not at a high enough level yet for them to have unlocked.


hi there, im trying to expand my land and it says i have to sell 10 horseshoes? how the heck to i get these, all the horses are either locked or you have to buy with farm cash ( i refuse to spent real money on a game) please help !!


How am I supposed to get cows without using FV 2 cash???


Don't bother selling your prized animals. Especially now that they produce the special goods once converted. But in order to save your farm from being too full, you can store them. Keep in mind that if you pull them out for a quest or something, their timer will start over at 18 hours.

@Tonia The only way to get bottles is to ask for them. If you have a lot of friends just ask them all at once and keep an eye on your tally because you can only hold 12 at once. Spend them as you get them.

@Margie Wood comes from Pine trees. They used to only be available when you expanded to the East Woodlands but they opened them up to everyone when they brought in the Workshop.

The fastest way to get coins is to have 5 mango trees and plant at least 56 wheat every day. If you are able, water the trees every 2 hours. 56 wheat will make 14 batters and 5 mango trees will easily produce enough mangoes to make 14 mango muffins. At 1540 coins per muffin that would be 21560 coins per day. If you have 10 mango trees even better but you would need to be able to check frequently or have a few wells to be able to make more wheat.


How do you harvest wood?


I don't know if anyone was posted this yet, but I just discovered a cool tip:

If you're doing a quest that requires you to get water from your wells or power from your furnace x amount of times, (especially the furnace, which takes almost 24 hours to reload, right?) Bring yourself down to about 25 power, and then hit the furnace. It'll only spit out the amount you need to fill to 30, and leave the rest. Then craft a few things and hit it again, and it will give you the rest and count it as 2 for your quest back to back. No waiting!



I don't have the option to buy a water trough under the buildings tab and I am level 24 and just expanded. I can't buy any more animals or harvest my hen house. Anyone know about this?


how do i get 56 baby bottles because i need them fast.... HELP!!!!!!!!


Selling your Mastered animals will at times give you large amounts of bonus coins.


but I found a bug in "the Dear Deer." it asks to harvest 5 goats and I have more than 10, so twice a day for 5 days and getting no credit. If i use the farmbucks, can i get a refund on them?


I have found that u get all ur harvesting of everything done, and replant and water what ur farmhands will instant grow for u, then click all ur other helpers and they re-feed ur animals for more items and water the trees u just harvested. if u have more than one friend clicking on the same tree they fertalize it as well. I just learned that when they want to harvest wells they do not depelete the water u need for urself. sorry to all those i declined for this in the past.


Crafting helps you level up faster too. Plant the 1 day crops right before you level up. When they tell you to use your well or furnace 2x to complete a goal do not empty your well/furnace so you can go right back and use it. Not having to wait 4-24hrs to replenish.


Also, if you run out of room on your farm, you can always add the prized chickens to your inventory :) I just get more, because they produce better when they're not prized.


I can expand but I am having trouble getting enough coins. Does anyone have any tips to get more coins fast?

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