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Question-whiteRoyal Buldings shining blue

by Jay Nedoe - Sep 08, 2012 Star_s522 views

Hi guys!

I've been off the game for a while and now, when i visit neighbours, some of their royal buidlings have a blue glow. Can somebody tell me whats up with that? Because nothing special happens when i click on them. Thanks in advance for any answers!

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12-em-plus add reply

Hello all I am a daily player on castleville and I have noticed the blue buildings. If you play you know that a building you help in is red and the building that others help with are blue.


Sounds like Melissa had a glitch happen (I am not an expert). I do know that you can collect from your neighbors blue buildings after they have used the spell on them.


I had the same thing happen to two of my bldgs and I HAD NOT enchanted them yet - had just gotten the quest and did not have materials yet to enchant them. I don't know how a neighbor would enchant it so it's still a mystery to me


It the Celestial Magic spell. You enchant your Royal Buildings to drop extra crop materials when you collect from them. It’s the Harvest Moon spell which uses 3 moonbeams, 5 magic beans, 2 butter and 6 honey.

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they glow blue because your neighbors have enchanted the building's. you can tend them as you normally do. but, for your neighbors when THEY tend there own buildings , the building also drops an occasionally crop item as well. they were able to do this by using celestial magic in the spell book by completing a quest for Sal and Alastair called " Sink or Swim and Pondsy Scheme." this spell is the third one you can learn by completing Sal and Alastair's quests. the requirements to make the spell are - 5 magic beans, 3 moon beams, 2 sticks of butter, 6 honey. Once completed you can enchanted your Royal buildings to drop extra crop materials when you tend the buildings.


they are glowing blue because your neighbor has enchanted them with celestial magic. The neighbor gets a crop added to their coins when they click on them. Sorry I don't think the visitor gets any benefits. :(

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