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Question-whiteCHEATED BY "THE GAME"

by Denise Prather Giffen - Sep 09, 2012 Star_s301 views

I am very very upset. I have been trying to pass level 188 literally for 6 months, I even stopped playing the game for a while because I could not pass it. Today I went into the game and passed it and 'THE GAME" froze 'NOT MY COMPUTER" and did not give me the credit for passing the level with 2 stars. I am thinking about deleting the app from the computer and giving up on this game. I feel this is extremely unfair and something needs to be done and I need to get credit for this.

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12-em-plus add reply

You are at level 188 of Bubble Witch Saga? How did you get there? I could not go beyond Level 170. I thought Level 170 is the maximum, according to the other entries in this site!


Yep, we are all experincing problems in the game at the moment. The game seems to freeze more easily whenit is supposed to credit the scores and that seems to make some peak in usage of our computers and the connection get losts. Some of us have managed to prevent this issue by closing unecessary programs before we play. 

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