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Question-whiteone click friends

by Sharon Raulerson - Sep 09, 2012 Star_s354 views

when are we going to have one click friends in chefville this is crazy to have to search for each person and type in each name i do have a LIKE GAMES but every time i hit that its blank

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12-em-plus add reply

I have done what the video suggests about turning off the security and 1-click active friends is still not there.


I don't play ChefVille, but if it is anything like the other new Zynga games, then they don't use the default Facebook send request box. And that means we can't display a built-in Friends list at this time. However, IE and Firefox users can still click the "Friends" button on the Snag Bar to get a list of people who have recently helped them in a game.


i have the snagbar but no 1 click friends at chefville... is these not available or is something wrong???

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