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Question-whiteStuck on Level 121

by Georgia Krstic - Sep 10, 2012 Star_s130,221 views

Help! I am stuck on level 121.How are you supposed to get 50,000 points in 90 seconds?

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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I focus on using the +5 seconds candies as much as I can, took lot longer then 90 seconds then!!! 


I was stuck on that damned level for a week. Being desperate, I looked up your post. I tried your advice about working from the bottom and not using all the bombs right away and within two tries I was out of there. Thanks so much!


The trick is you do not need to use up the time, when you already have enough points, let the time run down if you know you cant clear the time bomb with another move

Even if you are short of points, example: 49k or even lesser, if you have enough specials, (wrapped, striped or color bomb) lying around, just let the time run down, you will be able to clear when they auto activate once the time runs to zero.
if u require the video for 121 its here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-121.html

I have this game requiring 100k score in 90 second, I stopped playing with 42 sec left and score of 43k and yet I still cleared it, here is the video for level 267 showing this scenario. http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-267.html


This might help you out! :D a How to Do vid for level 121! with actual explanation!


I just did it, my advise, work on bottom corner of block to release bomb, then work on bottom of grid only, that way things drop and keep exploding, look out for extra seconds, you definitely need them probably 6 at least, work on rows of four or five vertically if possible but do not explode them, it will do that at the end and get you a lot more points.


I am on level 155 and to get to leve 156, there is a ticket item featuring level 121, but the problem is, it needs 75000 points to clear it. Anyone knows how to do this ? (or to change the ticket item to other levels ?)


Finally beat level 121!!! Here's how it was just luck the way they fell but if you can get bomb out and break all blocks except top three the candis will funnel down and pop quickly. It continually dropped bombs and was able to get 53000.


I got 56,000 and still failed, why?


Stupid developers of this game! Gonna delete it in my ipad!


I just finished level 121 on about 5th attempt. Only got 67120 points, but it's enough. Thanks James Crompton, your advice worked. Get rid of one of the bottom corners of the inner square and the bomb drops out. Then concentrate on getting fancy candies. But I guess it's just how the candies fall in the end.


Their theory is to get you to spend money not win the game until you do.


it doesnt work waiting to go back to it its just pure luck to get through it i have been on this level for 7 months its rediculous that they cant make it a li easier or make a button to where a freind can help u get through this crap..


the vidio makes it look easy., I'm not stupid! there are never any moves! then they shuffle the board and there still are no moves....then time runs out!


ive been on this stupid level over a week myself, ready to quit wasting my time, they are making it hard to keep interest. got close twice. sick of this damn game lol


Not sure if this actually works or if its just in my head but when i have an issue with a level and i dont play it for a day or 2 and go back in i can usually beat it the 1st or 2nd time... it seems that when i do this i get a better setup of the game... i dont knw try it and see if my theory works... im stuck on 121 and its driving me nuts so i am going to discipline myself (lol) to not play tomorrow and see if it works....


Not done it yet, but know it can be done. My best - 48500 or so, so very close.

I'd advise folk to work on the bottom left or bottom right corners of the ice-square as the bomb will slip through the corner, and also to work on bombs dropping from the top ASAP - as they can often take 5 or 6 moves to make a 3. Aside from that, probably avoid time-consuming cascades, building up stripey and boiled sweets and save them for towards the end.

Very annoying, and there had better be a sweet payoff afterwards!


My kingdom for beating Level 121.... Impossible! I need someone to do it for me!!!! :(


Oh my god.....this level is really ticking me off. Can't get past getting the stupid bomb from the center!!!!


Beat it yesterday, with the help of a wrapped and a striped candy combo... that did the trick...pfew...

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