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Light-bulbAncient Greek - Spring and Greek Writing on the Wall

by Jessica D. Cardenas - Sep 11, 2012 Star_s3,298 views

Unable to find these items... please help.

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The dog is next to the cat


I can't find the! Found all the others


The greek stone writing is behind the manequin on the porch.


Laurel is the green laurel around the head of one of the wrestlers.


Crystal ball is on top of staff, just above spring. Tks for Greek writing,,that stumped me! Anybody found a cheat picture/list of items for this scene blitz? I'm having lots of issues...please help!


The rook is very, very small (seen at a great distance away). It sits on the wall just above and to the left of the club. It is partially obscured by the edge of the flame that sits between the palm tree and the staff helf by the man with the curly mustache. If you don't have a big monitor, it would be very hard to see.


Spring is on staff of the Greek guy with the silver (?) medal and mustache. the Greek writing is below the red carpeted stairs. Have you found the rook?

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